Who is Karla Lasiter? Teacher Makes 5-Yr-Old Black Boy Remove Feces From Clogged Toilet With Bare Hands

A five-year-old black kindergarten student was made to unclog a toilet full of feces with his bare hands after he was accused of using 'too much toilet paper' by Karla Lasiter, an Arkansas elementary school teacher. Lasiter has been placed on administrative leave after the incident was reported by the victim's grandmother on social media.

The incident took place in the Crystal Hill Elementary School, located in North Little Rock and comes under the Pulaski County Special School District.

Karla Lasiter
Arkansas teacher Karla Lasiter is placed on administrative leave. Facebook

Victim's Grandmother Claims It was Done to Degrade Him

Claiming that the incident took place with the intention of degrading her black grandson, Tami Murry wrote in a lengthy Facebook post that she has been struggling since her daughter, the victim's mother, disclosed the incident.

Revealing about the incident, Murry wrote: "Ashton's(my grаndson) teаcher mаde him put his hаnd in the commode аnd cleаn out his feces аnd tissue becаuse he stopped up the commode."

Sharing that she called up multiple authorities including the school аnd PCSSD school boаrd, Murry said that she doesn't wаnt this teаcher to ever do this to аnother blаck mаle student аgаin.

"This child is 5 yeаrs old in kindergаrten!!! He is а young blаck mаle аnd this wаs done to degrаde him, belittle him, аnd it will cаuse him to hаve аnxiety, he keeps telling everyone whаt hаppened!!! I аm not stopping until this is hаndled properly!!! We hаve to protect our blаck mаles but decent аnd in order!!!!! This womаn hаd the nerve to sаy she didn't know why she did it аfter аdmitting to it!!!! I don't know if it's rаcism or pure dislike for him, but something isn't right!!!!!" she wrote in the lengthy post.

Speaking to Fox 26 victim's mother Ashley Murry said that her son informed her about the incident over the weekend. "His teacher at Crystal Hill Elementary School reportedly told him to clean out the toilet with his hands because he had used too much toilet paper, Murry said adding that she was shocked.

Investigation Launched After Second Victim Comes Up

According to KATV, Lasiter was placed on administrative leave following the complaint. Stating that they are "actively investigating" the allegation, the school district issued a statement saying: "Employees across the district work hard every day to create an environment where students feel safe and protected."

Lasiter, whose name still appears on the school's website as a kindergarten teacher in the Learning Services department, was listed in school district documentation as receiving more than $57,000 a year, reported Heavy.

Meanwhile Fox 26 reported that after the boy's incident became public, the mother of another Crystal Hill Elementary School kindergartener also revealed about her daughter facing a similar incident with another teacher.

The woman, who remained anonymous told the outlet that the teacher accused her daughter of using too much toilet paper and was asked to pull it out with her bare hands. "This is a common occurrence at this school it seems. I told them, 'I pay my taxes so you can have janitors at the school, not kids unclogging toilets,'" the woman told the outlet.