Who is Jeremy Morris? 'Christmas Lawyer' Faces Disbarment for Calling Judge 'Hateful Anti-Christian Bigot' for Banning Extravagant Display

Jeremy Morris, a self-proclaimed 'Christmas lawyer', faces being disbarred after he criticized a judge, who banned his extravagant Christmas display, as 'corrupt' and a 'hateful anti-Christian bigot'.

Jeremy Morris
Jeremy Morris with his controversial Christmas display featuring 700,000 bulbs and live camel. X

Morris Accused Judge of Attempting to Cancel Christmas

As reported by Fox News, the Idaho State Bar has found sufficient grounds to pursue formal charges against Morris who has accused federal Judge B. Lynn Winmill of corruption. The accusation stems from an ongoing legal dispute involving the West Hayden Estates Homeowners Association.

Speaking to the outlet, Morris said, "The Idaho State Bar has made it clear they're going to protect their friends, in this case, a federal judge. But the problem is, attorneys have the freedom of speech."

This particular judge attempted to cancel Christmas," he went on to add. "It's no different than what King Herod did 2,000 years ago when he tried to stop the very first Christmas."

Judge Winmill had banned the extravagant Christmas display at Morris's house which features a live camel and 700,000 bulbs. In 2019, the federal judge overturned a unanimous jury verdict, permitting Morris to maintain his Christmas display but specifying that any future arrangement must adhere to the rules set by the Homeowners Association (HOA).

Morris Displayed Live Camel as Part of His Christmas Display

Fox News reported that in 2015, Morris relocated to the Kootenai County community and dedicated three months to crafting an elaborate Christmas display. The spectacle included 700,000 lightbulbs, a live nativity scene featuring a camel, and over 80 actors.

The lawyer asserted that he had thoroughly examined the Homeowners Association (HOA) rules, and after reaching out to the association, found no legal impediment to staging the grandiose event. However, he subsequently received a legal notice from an HOA member, threatening a lawsuit if he did not take down the lights within a 10-day period.

Morris received a warning that his display might be deemed offensive to "non-Christians" and could attract "possible undesirables," citing concerns about "excessive brightness" caused by the lights. Despite the caution, he proceeded with the display over five evenings, and his refusal triggered a legal conflict that has persisted for almost a decade, the outlet reported.

Even though the 'Christmas lawyer' isn't setting up the Christmas display, he has purchased a large property for holding, "an even bigger, epic display" next year.

"I'm so proud of the stand that I took and the opportunity that I've given to people who hate me, who hate my family, who hate my beliefs, to turn the other cheek. I would do it again," Morris added.