Who is Doe 107 on Jeffery Epstein's List? Woman Living in 'Culturally Conservative Country' Begs Judge to Not Release Her Name

Days after a federal judge ordered the unsealing the list of names of more than 170 people associated with deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, a woman, identified as "Doe 107" in the court documents has requested the judge to keep her identity secret claiming to "lives in fear."

IRA Maxwell
Maxwell with former boyfriend and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein Twitter

Doe 107 Claims to be Living in a Culturally Conservative Country

Judge Loretta Preska's December 18 decision mandates the disclosure of the names of numerous individuals associated with Epstein, previously referred to as John or Jane Doe in court records. These implicated associates, once the documents are unsealed in the following weeks, will have a two-week window to contest the ruling.

Daily Mail reported that the unknown woman, mentioned as 'Doe 107' in the sealed court documents has requested Manhattan Federal Judge Loretta Preska to keep her identity a secret, through her attorney.

The unidentified victim, referred to as "Doe 107" in court documents, submitted the request through her attorney before Manhattan Federal Judge Loretta Preska. According to the outlet, 'Doe 107' asserted that she resides in a culturally conservative country and expressed concerns for her safety if her identity were disclosed. Preska reportedly instructed the woman's attorney in October to present an affidavit supporting her claim of facing a physical harm risk in her country of residence, along with specific details about the hate mail she has received. The woman has requested an additional 30 days to submit the requested affidavit along with the supporting evidence.

Speculations on Social Media

There were speculations on social media regarding the identity of Doe 107. Many even questioned whether she was a victim or close aide of the disgraced pedophile.

"Who says Jane Doe 107 isn't one of the perverts?" wrote a user on X.

"All of it is confusing and I think it's by design. Why is Doe 107 newsworthy when she isn't even on the list? Controlled mental chaos to muddy the waters. Question is, who does it benefit?" read another post.

"Don't all criminals fear for their own safety? Is this a reason to not expose them? "The woman, identified as "Doe 107," made the request in a letter filed by her attorney to Judge Loretta Preska Wednesday night" "She fears for her safety"" opined a user.