Who is Jeanne Moore? Racist 'Karen' Previously Filmed Harassing Asian Dog Owners, Tells Asian Photographer He Doesn't Belong Here, Calls Him 'Chinaman' [VIDEO]

Moore recently went viral after she was filmed harassing Asian dog owners over their unleashed pets in New York City and is being investigated for hate crimes by the NYPD.

A "Karen" who went viral on social media this month after she was filmed harassing two Asian dog owners over their unleashed pets is back at it again.

Who is Jeanne E. Moore?

Jeanne E. Moore

The woman in question, identified as Jeanne E. Moore, featured in a TikTok video harassing an Asian woman for having her dog unleashed on the grass in The Battery, a park in New York in an incident that took place on July 7. Moore is an Anesthesiologist, who has migrated from Minnesota to New York City.

In the video, the dog owner noted that there were several other Caucasian owners with their dogs playing at the same park, but she didn't bother them. The victim told police Moore had spit on her and used racial slurs.

In another incident that went viral earlier this month, Moore tried to a lure an Asian man's unleashed pet onto incoming traffic and told him to go back to his "own country." Both incidents have since spared a hate crimes investigation by the NYPD. There is also video footage of her harassing a group of skateboarders a few months ago.

Asian Photographer Confronts Moore for Accosting Black Skateboarders

Kevin Dong, a New York-based photographer shared video footage of his altercation with the woman on Instagram along with some context in the caption. Dong wrote that he was showing some friends around Lower Manhattan when he spotted the "Karen" accosting two young black skateboarders.

As soon as Dong asked her to "leave them alone," she walked over to him and told him he didn't belong here. The video starts off with her asking Dong if he lives here. Dong reiterates the question to Moore, before pointing out to her that that he and his father were both born and raised in New York City.

"Get a life!" Dong tells her, to which she replies, "Get a life yourself, you moron." Moore is then heard saying something about Dong receiving government checks. As she walks away, she calls Dong a "chinaman."

"I chose to engage her because I wanted to her to try to talk down to someone who is local, speaks English, and isn't intimidated by her harassment," Dong wrote before adding that she flagged down a plainclothes police officer to complain. Watch the video below: