Who Is Janelle Zielinski? Female Detroit Police Officer Suspended After Department Finds Her Nude Photos on OnlyFans

Zielinski, who goes by the name Jay Victoria online, only recently received his police academy diploma and joined the DPD in March of this year.

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A female Detroit police officer was suspended after her department found out that she was running a racy OnlyFans. Janelle Zielinski, a heavily tattooed bodybuilding police officer, was suspended from her job on Tuesday after Detroit Police Department (DPD) Chief James White learned that she was posting pornographic content of her on OnlyFans.

White learned about Zielinski posting her nudes on OnlyFans page on Tuesday morning. He immediately launched an investigation, and suspended Zielinski, only to find out she resigned a day earlier. However, her resignation letter wasn't effective immediately, which makes her officially suspended from her job till the investigation into the case gets over.

Double Duty

Janelle Zielinski
Janelle Zielinski Instagram

The Detroit Police Department came to know about Zielinski posting her raunchy photos on OnlyFans after they planted an officer to follow her. "One of our officers through her Instagram account had a paywall set up and was posting pornographic videos on the other side of the paywall," said Chris Graveline, the director of the Detroit Police Department's Professional Standards section.

Following that, Zielinski was suspended on Tuesday. However, by the time she was suspended the officer had already resigned. Although her resignation letter was effective September 23, she is no longer employed due to her suspension.

"One of the bedrocks of DPD is you have to keep your private life unsullied as well. This is a major point of emphasis to our officers so when we see something like this, Command moves very quickly. Chief White takes these things very seriously because it represents not just DPD but all of the city of Detroit," Graveline said.

However, police said that Zielinski did not have her uniform on in her raunchy OnlyFans photos, although it did appear on her Instagram which linked to the OnlyFans page.

Hot Property

It is not known how long Zielinski has been running an OnlyFans account but she is quite popular on Instagram where too she posts her semi-nude photos. Zielinski, who goes by the name Jay Victoria online, only recently received his police academy diploma and joined the DPD in March of this year.

The committed bodybuilder can be seen posing in bikinis or at the gym on her Instagram profile. Her OnlyFans account, where she charges $12 a month for access to her racy photos, is linked in her Instagram bio.

Residents of Detroit have reacted to the news in various ways. Some people, including Bryana Napton, felt sorry for Zielinski. "I don't think she should technically get in trouble for this," she told FOX2 Detroit.

Others claimed that since she was a representative of the city, sharing naked images was inappropriate. "You're representing the city when you have on a badge, and it's just bad rep for the city," Alvin Crosby said.

Even though it is allowed to have an OnlyFans account, Krista Symansic explained why having a page as an officer can be problematic. "As long as she's not doing anything illegal. OnlyFans is legal, right?" she said. "Since she's promoting it on her Instagram along with promoting being a cop, I could see how that's a conflict of interest."

For some content producers, OnlyFans has proven to be a financial boon. A teacher from Arizona claims to have made a million dollars on the website after quitting her job and dedicating all of her time to producing films there.