Tai Emery: Boxer Who Flashed Her Boobs To Crowd After Winning At BKFC Runs Her OnlyFans Channel, Has Made Hundreds of Racy Posts (WATCH)

The female boxer who flashed her boobs after defeating her opponent in the ring is an OnlyFans star. Tai Emery, 35, flashed her boobs on Saturday when she defeated Rung-Arun Khunchai in Thailand.

It was Emery's debut match in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. But with her way of celebrating, she has made a large fanbase with many saying they are in love with Emery's way of celebrating.

Tai Emery
Tai Emery Twitter

Emery Has An OnlyFans Account

Emery, who has spent most of her career as a footballer, also has an OnlyFans account and has made hundreds of posts. She has also over 50,000 followers on Instagram.

Emery sent opponent Rung-Arun Khunchai sprawling to the canvas in the first round with a brutally delivered right hook after a textbook uppercut. She then celebrated her win by jumping up on to the ropes and lifting up her top to flash her breasts to the crowd, according to The Sun.

"Interesting celebration right there, haven't seen that one before! Welcome to bare knuckle fighting, Tai Emery," said the commentator.

Emery's X-rated Celebration Shocked The Internet

Sharing the clip on Twitter, BKFC wrote, "Welp, thats one way to celebrate a win. Welcome to BKFC!"

Adult film star Kendra Lust, who sponsored Emery, congratulated her after victory and stated that it was the best celebration of her win.

Tai Emery
Tai Emery Twitter

"Congrats Tai Emery on your win with [BKFC], first-round KO... was a pleasure to sponsor you and the best celebration in any sport after the win," said Lust.

The Australian fighter's X-rated celebration shocked the internet and made a large number of people her fans.

Tai Emery
Tai Emery Twitter

"I think @tai_emery gained a lot of new fans after last night's @bareknucklefc win! Congrats on the win, and your new fans! In some countries #NSFW! MMA #boxing #sport #thailand," tweeted @Kimmy2022Jimmel.

"BKFC fighter Tai Emery wins by KO and celebrates by flashing the crowd," tweeted @MrJohnnytokes.

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