Who is Bulat Fassakhov? Russian Soldier Who Raped Ukrainian Girls Identified as War Criminal

Bulat Fassakhov, a young Russian soldier, has been identified as one of the rapists in the gang rape of Ukrainian girls during the Russian occupation of a village outside Kyiv. The Ukrainian authorities also suspected the 20-year-old of being involved in multiple war crimes during the same period.

Earlier, Sgt. Vadim Shyshimarin, 21, a member of a Russian tank unit, was taken to trial in Ukraine on Friday for shooting a 62-year-old Ukrainian man in the head in the northeastern village of Chupakhivka.

Bulat Fassakhov
Bulat Fassakhov Twitter

Fassakhov Kept the Victims Separated from Their Families

The New York Post reported that the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) identified Fassakhov as a soldier serving in the 30th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade, 2nd Guards Combined Army of the Central Military District of the Russian Federation.

As per the report one of the unnamed victims, a young girl, was asked to stay behind in the house alone after her family was asked to vacate the house in a village in the Brovary district near Kyiv. Fassakhov along with three other Russian soldiers then went on to rape the young girl while threatening to kill her, the county's Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova wrote in a Facebook post.

The prosecutor also revealed that a few days ago Fassakhov had also raped another woman after breaking into her house and locking the family members in a basement. "Witnesses have identified him and confirmed the facts of crimes committed by him," SSU said while detailing the crimes of Fassakhov.

Though the location of the 20-year-old is unknown, the Ukrainian authorities have released a couple of Fassakhov's pictures in which he is seen standing with his family members and friends.

Anger on Social Media Against Fassakhov

Soon after Fassakhov's name was released as one of the rapists by the Ukrainian authorities, social media was up in arms against the young Russian soldiers.

"He is 20. He was raping women of the Kyiv region threatening them with killing them and their families. 20... Did he have problems back home? His name is Bulat Fassakhov, he is a radio telephonist of the 30th separate motorized rifle brigade," tweeted a user.

"The #RussianRapist –20y.o. Bulat Fassakhov is a dead man walking, where his mother most probably will next see him in a box, or maybe he'll visit the mobile #crematorium; that'll freak his mother out!" wrote another angry user.

"The whole world must know who is BULAT FASSAKHOV : a dirty rapist," expressed a user while sharing Fassakhov's phgotographs.