Who is Alexei Bychkov? Russian Soldier Who Filmed Himself Raping a One-Year-Old Arrested After Graphic Video Goes Viral

Alexei Bychkov, a Russian soldier who filmed himself raping a one-year-old, has reportedly been arrested. Though it wasn't clear when the graphic video was recorded, it was posted by Bychkov on Telegram during the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Angered over Bychkov's gruesome act, several social media users posted his personal details including the address of his home in Russia.

Alexei Bychkov
Alexei Bychkov Twitter

Bychkov Shared Video with Friends and Colleagues

The Sun reported that Bychkov was arrested on Saturday after the video clip went viral. The outlet reported that a day prior to his arrest a post was made on Twitter detailing the horrific abuse. In the video he reportedly warned about recording a "fierce video" before sexually abusing the one-year-old.

Vot-tak tv reported that in the video Bychkov rubs an eyelash brush between the child's buttocks, and then licks it before moving it over his face. The child is seen moving away on the bed as it starts crying. The outlet also reported that information published on VKontakte revealed that Bychkov had posted videos of child abuse earlier too. In another video, Bychkov is seen showing his genitals and putting different objects into his anus and licking them.

The VKontakte user went to release the details about Bychkov. The post claimed that he was born in 1997 near Stavropol in southwestern Russia and lives in nearby Krasnodar.

The outlet reported that as per the Russian sources, Bychkov was serving in military unit No. 64044 deployed in the suburbs of Pskov, western Russia, close to the border with Estonia.

Outrage on Social Media

Following the graphic video, there has been an outrage on the social media, where several users demanded strictest punishment for Bychkov.

"Lieutenant Alexei Bychkov in military unit No. 64044, based in Pskov in northwest Russia. He was detained on Saturday, April 9 for raping a Ukranian baby! Take a look at the 'Monster' who was shown sexually abusing a baby on video! He's made other videos of him abusing children!" tweeted a user.

"In Russia, a military man was detained, who recorded on video the actions of a sexual nature with a baby The name of the brightest representative of the "Russian world" is Alexei Bychkov. It is reported that he filmed such content for the sake of selling it on the dark web," wrote another.

"On April 9, a soldier Alexei Bychkov was detained in Russia, who recorded a video of sexual violence against a baby. So hope he is given the harshest possible sentencing and charged with war crimes by the @IntlCrimCourt," opined a user.