Who is Brittany Aldean? Did Jason Aldean's Wife Claim AntiFa Was Behind Capitol Riot?

Who is Brittany Aldean?

Brittany Aldean, wife of country singer Jason Aldean, has been trending lately for promoting baseless conspiracy theories about the recent attack on the U.S. Capitol building. Jason Aldean's wife has been slammed for joining far-right conspiracy theorists in saying, without evidence, that "AntiFa" played a major part in igniting the US Capitol riot. Millions of fans are doing a double-take over Brittany's endorsement of this disinformation on the social media platform.

On Wednesday, Brittany shared a post which falsely suggested that two among the rioters caught on camera were members of the AntiFa, who disguised as Trump supporters. She added the caption "shocker," as though she were expecting this explanation, according to a report in Pop Culture. The report further said that the reason Brittany Aldean used it is that far-right conspiracy theorists have used it before. However, it's a piece of fake news.

PopCulture even mentioned that the Washington Times helped spread the false idea that these two particular insurrectionists were "AntiFa in disguise," however, many others have debunked it. So far five persons have died in the US Capitol riots including a police officer, who is known to have committed suicide on Saturday four days after another officer, Brian Sicknick, succumbed to injuries when Trump supporters assaulted the legislative building.

Who is Brittany Aldean?
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Reportedly, US Democrats on Monday began the process of impeaching President Donald Trump for a historic second time, accusing him of inciting insurrection over his supporters' deadly storming of the US Capitol building.

Meanwhile, Brittany Aldean's post on social media became a part of the misinformation campaign that emerged as the disturbing US Capitol riot images, which brought revulsion across the country. Associated Press, stated that there's "no evidence" the violent rioters who attacked the Capitol building were supporters of the far-left leaning militant groups. Many other media agencies have also explained in their stories why AntiFa protesters were not involved in the attack.

Brittany Aldean has not posted any apology or a correction on her official Instagram as yet which seems to be misleading her fans, according to reports. Instagram deleted the image hours after Aldean updated her Insta feed with the misinformation.

What does Brittany Aldean do for a Living?

Brittany Aldean, who was a cheerleader, doesn't have to do ramp walk or work as a cheerleader anymore. She is currently busy posting sponsored ads on her official social media accounts such as Instagram, representing South Beach and FabFitFun.

She recently launched her new entrepreneurial venture, a clothing company. As of 2021, Brittany Aldean has almost 2 million followers on Instagram.

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