Nikole Mitchell: Bisexual Pastor Who Became Onlyfans Stripper Appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live Show

Self-proclaimed billionaire and bisexual pastor-turned-stripper Nikole Mitchell appears on Jimmy Kimmel's Live Show.

Nikole Mitchell, the bisexual pastor who swapped church life to earn millions of dollars as a stripper on the popular adult content platform Onlyfans, has finally featured on Jimmy Kimmel's Live Show. The Onlyfans model has become an overnight sensation for her unusual life story, which she shared in an exclusive interview with the New York Post lately. Mitchell, who grew up Baptist in a very conservative family, told the Post she had 'always fantasized about being a stripper'.

The model, who has managed to fulfil her childhood dream, took to her Twitter handle and wrote: "When your friend catches you on @JimmyKimmelLive. Love all the amazing opportunities that are coming my way! Life's only getting better." Mitchell has over 13,000 followers only on Instagram. She loves to share routine blogs about her journey from being a pastor to becoming a billionaire and the positive turn it has taken after she quit church life.

Mitchell said earlier that she wasn't born to be behind the scenes but to shine like the star. She said patriarchy has taught her that she doesn't belong in positions of power. However, she knew she had to change In order to control her own life and become a leader. Hence, she chose to become a model cum stripper and launched herself on Onlyfans.

Nikole Mitchell
Nikole Mitchell is a mom of three

Mitchell's Monthly Income

On her official Instagram account, Nikole wrote: "After years of being broke, I decided in the Spring of 2018 I was going to make $2,000 a month. That felt HUGE to me! How on earth was I going to make $2,000 a month as a SAHM with no traditional job??" Well, now Mitchell is earning more than $25,000 per month, and according to her Instagram message, last month she withdrew double the amount.

Mitchell is a stunner, her hot Instagram photos have already garnered a lot of attention from fans worldwide. She has managed to grab eyeballs with her sultry naked pictures on the photo-sharing platform. Here are some of the most sizzling photos of Mitchell one shouldn't miss.

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