Who Is Brianna Pinnix? NJ Woman Dubbed 'Train Karen' after Telling German Tourists in NYC to 'Get the F**k Out of My Country' Fired From Her Job [WATCH]

Pinnix was sacked from Capital Rx following the viral circulation of a video depicting her abhorrent behavior.

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A recruitment specialist known for her high-profile career has been fired from her job after directing xenophobic abuse at a group of German tourists on a New York train. The woman has since been identified as Brianna Pinnix, 30, who worked as a senior talent acquisition specialist at Capital Rx, focusing on technology recruiting, according to her LinkedIn profile.

However, her LinkedIn profile has since been deleted, according to the Daily Mail, which first reported the incident. Pinnix was sacked from Capital Rx following the viral circulation of a video depicting her abhorrent behavior. The company confirmed the termination, saying that they took "immediate action" in response to the incident.

Sacked for Her Racist Rant

Brianna Pinnix
Brianna Pinnix seen directing xenophobic abuse at a group of German tourists while her boyfriend tries to pacify her Twitter

The blonde woman is a Mawah native and a 2015 graduate of Marymount Manhattan College. She was employed at a pharmacy benefit manager based in the World Trade Center, as indicated on her Facebook account.

Before joining Capital Rx in September, Pinnix had a work history that included employment at InterQuest Group from 2019 to 2022 and at Green Key Resources from March 2017 to April 2019.

Pinnix was fired on Tuesday after her video abusing a group of German tourists went viral. "Our company has a zero-tolerance policy around prejudicial or discriminatory behavior. After conducting a review of the circumstances, we acted immediately and terminated the employee in question," they said in a statement to the New York Post.

"The former employee's actions and words are not representative of Capital Rx, and we offer our sincerest apology to those who were hurt."

Pinnix appears to have deleted her social media accounts, including her LinkedIn profile, in an attempt to distance herself from the incident.

Brianna Pinnix
Brianna Pinnix seen berating the German tourists X

Pinnix was caught on video hurling xenophobic abuse at a group of German tourists on a New Jersey Transit train earlier in the week.

A drunk Pinnix can be seen asking the men if they were German and subsequently aggressively pressing them to explain their comments.

Her boyfriend tried to intervene and remove her from the confrontation, even holding onto her wrists as she continued to engage with one of the men.

"Brie, Brie, do not do this, do not this, you're going to get arrested," he pleaded.

"I can handle my own," she insisted.

"Brie, please stop this please. Stop this, or I'm never going to talk to you again," her boyfriend warned.

Brianna Pinnix
Brianna Pinnix Facebook

"I love you, but get off me," she told him.

The tourists chose to ignore her despite Pinnix repeatedly asking them to repeat their words. At a point during the altercation, one of the men, whose face Pinnix was consistently approaching, stood up and said something unclear before sitting back down and shaking his head in apparent frustration or disbelief.

Facing Severe Backlash

One man off-camera appears to say, "Women ... in 2023, we're allowing women to think they're the man."

Brianna Pinnix
Brianna Pinnix Facebook

However, the tourists continued to laugh among themselves, and the man who was the primary target of Pinnix's aggression engaged in a conversation with someone behind them. Other passengers, including a visibly embarrassed couple seated behind the tourists, were also captured in the footage.

Pinnix's boyfriend eventually succeeded in guiding her back to her seat while she made muttering comments about "immigrants."

"You know I'm an immigrant, I'm an immigrant, too, you know that, right?" he reasoned.

"Yeah ... but I'm responsible for you so it's OK," she said, laughing.

After her boyfriend bent down to talk with her, Brianna Pinnix loudly mentioned, "Everyone is f–king laughing about it now." She then proceeded to tell her significant other to speak up or she would take action herself.

Another man who can be seen sitting behind Pinnix then says, "Hit them with a right hook," which causes her to jump up and exclaim, "Thank you!"

"Hit me with a right hook. Let me see what you got. Pretend it's his face," he egged her on.

Pinnix then lightly struck the man, prompting a reaction from him. He responded with an exclamation of "Ohhh" before sitting back down. Meanwhile, her boyfriend laughed, attempting to restrain Pinnix as she made another attempt to approach the tourists.

"How about you get the f–k out of our country," she shouts.

"Do not!" her boyfriend loudly chides as several other passengers can be heard saying, "Whoa."

"That's harsh," one woman said.

Brianna Pinnix
Brianna Pinnix Facebook

Feeling the tension, Pinnix's boyfriend nervously glanced at the unidentified person filming the incident and reassured her, saying, "It's OK."

"Babe, it's not OK. It's not OK. I love you but ..." Pinnix said before the video cuts out.

"She's drunk out of her skull and her nasty true character is now out there for all to see. The guy should ditch her toxic backside asap," a person on Reddit wrote.