Who is Brian Coulter? Was 'Weed Loving' Texas Man Drunk When he Killed 8-Year-Old? Surviving Kids Detail Horrific Abuse

Brian Coulter, a Texas man who allegedly killed his girlfriend's 8-year-old son, treated her with gifts and matching tattoos days later. Coulter has been charged with felony murder for allegedly beating Kendrick Lee to death in November last year.

Gloria William, a mother of four kids, two of whom with special needs, was in a relationship with Coulter for the past few years. Lee's murder came to light after William's eldest son, 15, called emergency services on Sunday.

Brian Coulter
Gloria Williams and Brian Coulter Twitter

Coulter Covered the Body With Blanket

According to the police, Coulter not only physically assaulted the kids regularly but also broke the jaw of William's 10-year-old son a few weeks ago.

A criminal complaint filed in the Harris County District Court revealed that Coulter beat Lee with his fists and feet until he died. Daily Beast reported that in their testimony the Lee's surviving brothers, aged 7 and 10, revealed that Coulter kicked and punched the boy until he stopped moving and got black eyes. "Striking him in the face, feet, buttocks, back of his legs and testicles with closed fists and feet," read the court. Later Coulter covered the boy's dead boy with a blanket.

Admitting that she saw Lee getting thrashed before his horrific death, Williams told the deputies that she tried to stop her abusive boyfriend but to no avail.

Brian Coulter
Brian Coulter Instagram

When she returned to the room, where the beating took place, the next day, she saw her son's body lying under a blanket. On being confronted, Coulter apologized and said that he lost control and kept punching Lee "until he went to sleep."

The couple then abandoned their home and surviving three kids, two of whom believed to be autistic, to move away to another home. They left the decomposing dead body to rot in the house where the abandoned kids were found by the police.

Matching Tattoos, Gifts Post Murder

Coulter and Williams got matching tattoos 'Warrior' in April, months after Lee's murder. According to The Sun, the couple posted pictures on their Instagram page. While Coulter's got tattoo on his neck, Williams got inked on her right arm.

It also appears that Coulter showered the deceased boy's mother with lots of gifts on Valentine's Day. In an Instagram post Williams posted picture showing several pieces of Zales jewelry, including watches, pendants, and rings. "My husband bought this for me for valentines day i love him very much everything is real," she wrote.

Coulter, who has posted several videos on his Instagram page, claims to get drunk and consuming weed regularly. "Getting high ... it's not for everybody," Coulter is heard saying in one of the videos, according to Khou "I smoke mad weed. I drink mad ... Look, I just do my fair share of things, OK," he admits in another.

The outlet reported that Williams 7-year-old son told the investigators that Coulter's drinking caused the beatings. "He stated when the codefendant will drink beer and alcohol, he would get very strong," the prosecutors said.