Disney's Sexually Suggestive 'D' T-Shirt Causes Stir After Couple Wears it to Florida Park

Disney World came under fire after a couple was spotted wearing sexually suggestive T-shirt during their trip to the Florida based theme park. Calls to restrict entry of the visitors wearing inappropriate clothing were also raised on the social media.

The unofficial Disney merchandise is available on several ecommerce platforms, with many using the Park's logo and fonts to make it appear authentic merchandise.

disney t shirt
Controversial T-shirt worn by a couple at Disney World, Florida. Twitter

How Did the Furore Start?

The issue cropped up after a picture of the couple wearing the sexually suggestive T-shirt was shared by Sam Carter, a former Disney creative designer, on Twitter. To hide the identity of the couple, Carter superimposed clown's head on their faces.

The T-shirt carried Disney's famous 'D' and image of the Disney castle. While the woman's T-shirt read, "I wanted the D", the man's said, "I gave her the D." Sharing the image, Carter tweeted, "D is for Don't."

The New York Post stated that the raunchy T-shirt is available on Etsy and Amazon. According to the Disney World's website, they have the right to refuse entry or to remove any guest wearing inappropriate attire. "We reserve the right to deny admission to or remove any person wearing attire that we consider inappropriate or attire that could detract from the experience of other Guests," it says.

What Does 'D' Stand For ?
Soon after the image surfaced on social media, it drew widespread criticism from the Twitter users. "The whole park was lookin at herrr," tweeted a user as another wrote, ""D is for discomfort" - Kind of tacky to bring to a theme park."

"If they banned these shirts from ever being allowed in a Disney park again I wouldn't be mad," expressed a user.

"I guess he was being modest by not including "big?" read another tweet. "I just don't understand how they were let through the gates how sad. Ban them," wrote a user.

Another tweet read, "Just wanna run up and be like HOW WAS IT!? HOW BIG WAS HE!?"

While a lot of the user expressed their displeasure towards the tone of the couple's attire, there were some who defended them. "It's only inappropriate if YOU think of it in the inappropriate way. Get your minds out of the gutter... a kid sees the unmistakable Disney D not the D you do," tweeted a user.

"'I gave her the Disney.' If you read anything else into that; it's [your] misfiring programming. She wanted a trip to Disney and she got it," wrote another.