Eagles Fans Get Caught 'Having Sex' Inside Men's Bathroom Stall; Get Removed From Stadium (video)

An Eagles fan couple went viral on social media after the duo was caught getting 'frisky' inside the same stall in men's bathroom at Bank of America Stadium. The video of the two fans including a woman being escorted out of the bathroom has gone viral on multiple social media platforms.

The incident occurred during the match between Eagles and Carolina this weekend. The Philadelphia Eagles registered a 21-18 win over Carolina Panthers.

eagles fan couple
Couple coming out from the bathroom stall. Twitter

Couple Was Inside the Stall When Police Arrived

Several videos of the incident have surfaced on the social media. In one such video, police are seen standing outside the stall inside the bathroom as other fans cheer on. Two pair of legs with sneakers on is visible from below the stall. At one moment, the woman's feet go missing as the crowd shouts "Oh! She is gone."

The jeering increases after the couple came out of the stall. While the man was immediately handcuffed, the woman was held from the wrist after she appeared to trying to flee. One of the videos was captioned, "Things you see at Panthers games."

Speaking to the New York Post a spokesperson for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said that the CMPD officers were requested to respond to a restroom inside Bank of America Stadium due to reports of a female inside one of the stalls.

"After locating the male and female involved, they were subsequently asked to leave the property for violating Bank of America Stadium policy. There were no arrests associated with this incident," the spokesperson said.

Randy Couple Gives Internet a Field Day

Even though it was unclear what the couple was doing inside but it certainly gave enough fodder to the social media users for speculations.

"EAGLES fans arrested for bathroom stall sex during game... (Who cares --the important thing is The Eagles won!)" tweeted a user.

"Only a Steeler fan would spread ashes of a deceased loved one on the teams turf(awesome stuff)..also, only a pair of eagle's fans would be caught having sex in a stadium bathroom stall(also awesome)...I love PA," wrote another.

"Eagles fan couple busted by cops after woman caught in men's room stall, Two Eagles fans went viral on Sunday for an apparent bathroom rendezvous that ended in a police presence," read another tweet.

"So there was not only a streaker at the Panthers-Eagles game yesterday, there was also a Eagles couple that got it on in a bathroom stall and was stupid enough to film it. Stay classy Philadelphia. Least our fans know how to behave when on the visiting side," opined another user.