Who is Brent Brown? Role Play Obsessed Man 'Kidnapped' and Raped Madelyn Allen Several Times Daily in His Basement

Brent Brown, an equipment operator, was arrested in connection with missing of Utah college student, Madelyn Allen. Brown who met Allen on a slave bondage site, picked the Snow College student in Ephraim on December 13.

Brown has been charged with obstruction of justice, aggravated kidnaping, rape and object rape, according to the reports.

Brent Brown
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Naked Allen Found Tied in Brown's Basement

According to the affidavit, Allen met her captor on the messaging app KIK. The two agreed to meet. The security video footage from Allen's dorm shows her leaving the dormitory after 9.20 pm on Monday. It was only when she didn't return in the morning, her roommates raised an alarm and filed a missing person report.

The Daily Mail reported that as per the investigators, Allen who struggled with depression and anxiety exchanged text messages of a violent sexual nature.

A text message from Allen's phone to her parents led to her rescue, after a search was launched in the area where her cell phone's location was traced. The police found a petite woman with blonde her in the basement of a home on Main Street, according to the affidavit.

The victim told detectives that "Brown raped her several times daily," but she didn't attempt to escape because of threats made against her family and sister.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported that Allen was found naked and covered in coal. The outlet reported that before going to work, Brown took away the victim' wallet and phone. He also used to tie her up, which he later claimed to be part of kidnapping role-play.

Brown Accused of Multiple Felonies

The Heavy reported that Brown, who allegedly choked Allen and carried a knife, is a Trump supporter with several social media posts rallying against illegal immigration, stalled cargo ships, and the Steele dossier. He also voiced his support for police, and gun rights in his social media posts.

In a recent update he shared a post that read, "Let's Go Brandon," the phrase being used to abuse President Joe Biden.

According to Fox 13, an arrest warrant for Brown was issued in 2018 after he failed to appear before a judge in a witness tampering case in Box Elder County.

Brown also had arrest warrants issued in his name following his failure to appear on a traffic citation in 2018 in Cache County, and another one for an unknown charge in 2020 in Wasatch County, the outlet reported.