Did the Bidens Put Down Major? Bizarre Theory After Commander Arrives at White House

U.S. President Joe Biden introduced the latest addition to his family, Commander, a purebred German Shepherd puppy. Biden released the photograph of the pup on his official Twitter account.

Previously, the Bidens had two German shepherds, Champ and Major, when they moved in to the White House in January. Champ, who was 13-years-old, died in June this year.

Commander, the new addition to the Biden family at the White House. Twitter

A Cat Will Follow Commander in January

Sharing the picture of the 3-month-old male pup, Biden tweeted, "Welcome to the White House, Commander." A video of the President tossing a ball to the puppy and taking him for a walk was also shared.

The Philadelphia Inquirer stated that as per Michael LaRosa, a spokesperson for first lady Jill Biden, Commander is a gift from Biden's brother, James Biden and his wife law Sara Biden. Born on Sept.1, the pup was delivered at the White House on Monday.

The outlet also reported that according to the office of Jill Biden, another pet, a cat, will join the family in January. Earlier, the First Lady of the U.S. had revealed to The New York Times that Major's biting incident had caused a delay to the cat's arrival. "I don't even know whether I can get the cat back at this point," Jill had said at that time.

Where is Major Biden ?

Soon after Commander's arrival was announced at the White House, social media users raised questions Major's whereabouts.

Major, who was a three-year-old rescue dog, was involved in two biting incidents involving the White House staff members soon after his arrival in January.

It was in March when Major first bit a U.S. Secret Service member following which he was sent back to Delaware. After undergoing private training Major returned to the White House only to get involved in another incident.

According to The New York Times, Major will now be living at another house. "After consulting with dog trainers, animal behaviorists and veterinarians, the first family has decided to follow the experts' collective recommendation that it would be safest for Major to live in a quieter environment with family friends," said LaRosa, according to Times. "This is not in reaction to any new or specific incident, but rather a decision reached after several months of deliberation as a family and discussions with experts."