'Teen' Gunman Caught Pointing Weapon at Students Inside Moving School Bus in Dayton, Texas

An investigation was launched to hunt for the person who was seen pointing a gun at a school bus full of students, while hanging from a car's sunroof. The incident occurred when the students were on their home from Woodrow Wilson Junior High in Dayton, Texas.

Following the mass shooting at Oxford high School in Michigan, which left four students dead, schools have been put on high alert across the nation.

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Who is the Person in the Video?

The video clip recorded by one of the students travelling inside the bus, shows a black colored SUV, with a person hanging out from its sunroof. The SUV is following the school bus.

Initially the person makes some kind of gestures at the kids who in turn respond with a peace sign. Moments later the unidentified person goes inside the car, remerges with a gun, and points it towards the moving bus. The students are heard screaming and shouting when the video ends.

Speaking to kcrg.com, Mitchell Wright, who 13-year-old daughter recorded the video on her phone, said that she was afraid following the incident which took place on Friday.

Claiming that what the man did was horrifying for a lot of different kids, Wright said he sent the video to officials with the Dayton Independent School District. "I'm not OK with anybody pointing any kind of BB gun, real gun, any gun at a school bus that my kids are on. Every choice you make has a consequence," he said.

Police Start Investigation into the Incident

In a post made on Facebook, the school district claimed that the police have launched an investigation into the incident. "Our police officers are currently investigating and we do not take these things lightly. We will be pursuing this to the fullest extent of the law," the school district said in a statement.

"We ask all parents to please continue to talk with your children about inappropriate behaviors as they will not be tolerated. Safety for our students and staff is one of our top priorities," it read further.

The video, which also surfaced on social media, has sent shock waves among the users. "Once again people outside the US are watching a video which seems to confirm a widely held opinion that America is a broken and extremely dangerous place," tweeted a user.

"The Rittenhouse Effect yet again. That decision will haunt our nation for decades to come," opined another. "The report said it was a female teen with a beebee gun and they were pursuing it to the fullest extent of the law so I'm guessing they know who it is," tweeted a user.

This article was first published on December 20, 2021