Who Are Miles Pfeffer's Parents? Cop Killer's Mother Who Helped Him Escape Crime Scene To Be Charged? Speculations on Social Media

Miles Pfeffer, the 18-year-old suspect arrested for allegedly killing Temple University police officer Christopher Fitzgerald, was picked up by his mother following the fatal shooting. Moments before being shot dead, Fitzgerald had reported on police radio that he was in pursuit.

Miles Pfeffer
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Reportedly, Pfeffer is charged with 24 counts, including criminal homicide. According to the Philadelphia district attorney, Pfeffer will be charged with murder, murder of a law enforcement officer, robbery, carjacking, firearm offenses, possession of an instrument of crime, and related offenses.

Pfeffer's Brother Hid in the Alley As Shootout Began

In a series of tweets journalist Steve Keeley reported that the incident was caught on camera. Quoting a source, Keeley wrote that the video surveillance showed Officer Fitzgerald on foot pursuit of a male dressed in all black clothing westbound on Montgomery Ave. The officer catches up to the male just east of 18th Street where the officer male get into a struggle.

He wrote that Officer Fitzgerald was heard repeatedly yelling at the male "to get on the ground. The male is then seen firing a handgun at Officer Fitzgerald who falls to the ground. The male then stands over Officer Fitzgerald & fires several more shots into his face & head area."

According to Keeley, "The accused killer's brother was with him when Officer Fitzgerald tried to stop them & is one of the witnesses who saw & heard what happened, Law Enforcement sources tell FOX29. He ducked into an alley & hid, and saw the officer chase Miles Pfeffer and then he heard gunshots."

Pfeffer Was Picked Up by His Mother

In yet another tweet the Fox 29 reporter revealed that Pfeffer was later picked up by his mother JMP at 29th Street & Ridge Avenue, & driven out to their home on Quarry Road in Buckingham.

Heavy identified Pfeffer's mother as Jill Petrushka and his father as Marc Pfeffer. According to their social media pages, they hail from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The family reportedly moved to their family house in Boxley Farm along Quarry Road four years ago.

Since the name of the mother cropped up, many on social media wondered if she would be charged too for helping her son escape the crime scene.

"Pfeffer's Brother Was With Him When the Shooting Happened & Their Mother Picked Miles Pfeffer Up after he murdered! A family of sick & twisted. Brother & Mother need to be arrested too! Fkd up!!!!" tweeted a user.

"Any first year law student could tell you that aiding and abetting a cop killer is a very serious felony. What did #JillPetrushka know when she gave her murderous son #MilesPfeffer a ride home ? And why isn't the brother in cuffs as well for felony murder ?" read another tweet.

"Dean Pfeffer was with his brother Miles in Philly as these crimes were committed. After the murder, another carjacking, Miles called his mother for pick-up. All 3 should be facing serious consequences for their actions," opined a user.