Who is Miles Pfeffer? 18-Year-Old Who Fatally Shot Temple University Cop Posted Pictures With Cash Bundles and Guns on Instagram; Was Picked Up by Mother

Miles Pfeffer, an 18-year-old, was arrested for the fatal shooting of Christopher Fitzgerald, a Temple University cop, during a chase on Saturday night. Pfeffer, who was arrested on Sunday morning, tried to rob the dead cop.

Miles Pfeffer
Miles Pfeffer
Miles Pfeffer

Pfeffer Went on to Steal a Car After Killing the Cop

The unfortunate incident took place near Montgomery Avenue and 18th Street in North Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Fitzgerald was chasing the 18-year-old on Saturday night while trying to stop a carjacking. The fallen cop was heard over police radio stating he was chasing down suspects, but by the time other Temple officers responded to the scene, they found Fitzgerald with multiple gunshot wounds to his face and upper body, the Inquirer said.

Pfeffer shot the cop multiple times, in the head. The New York Post reported that in a statement DA Larry Krasner said that the suspect tried to rob Fitzgerald as he lay dead on the ground after the shooting. "Pfeffer is also alleged to have attempted to rob Officer Fitzgerald of his gun and to have gone through his pockets, while the officer was laying on the ground and fatally wounded. Pfeffer is further alleged to have committed a carjacking a short time after, close to the location of the officer's murder," Krasner said.

The outlet further reported that a surveillance footage revealed that Pfeffer was allegedly involved in a later armed carjacking of an Infiniti Q60 about a block from where he killed the cop.

Pfeffer's Younger Brother Accompanied Him

In a series of tweets, Fox reporter Steve Keeley said that Pfeffer's brother was reportedly with him when he fatally shot Officer Fitzgerald. "The accused killer's brother was with him when Officer Fitzgerald tried to stop them & is one of the witnesses who saw & heard what happened, Law Enforcement sources tell FOX29. He ducked into an alley & hid, and saw the officer chase Miles Pfeffer and then he heard gunshots," tweeted Keeley.

It was also reported that after Pfeffer was picked up by his mother after he allegedly drove a stolen vehicle a few blocks from the scene.

While the authorities didn't reveal the name of Pfeffer's brother, he was identified as Dean Pfeffer on social media. The social media was also flooded with screenshots of Pfeffer's Instagram page, which has been changed to private.

The screenshot shows Pfeffer holding wads of cash and riding bikes. "The loser arrested for murder of a temple police office. Spoiled white thug from Buckingham. Rot in prison poser," tweeted a user while sharing Pfeffer's Instagram account.