Who is Amir Attaran? Canadian Professor Shames Maskless United Flight Attendant; Says 'Yankees Murder Their Own Kids'

Amir Attaran, a Canadian professor, was slammed online after he went on a Twitter rant against an unmasked flight attendant and mocked Americans over the high number of Covid-19 related deaths. Attaran even slammed the United States regarding its gun control policies.

The Covid crazed professor at the University of Ottawa's Faculties of Law and School of Epidemiology and Public Health had earlier filed a Human Rights complaint against Ottawa Public Health and the provincial Ministry of Health for denying access to the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine for his children, in April this year.

Amir Attaran
Amir Attaran Twitter

Attaran Accused United Airlines of 'Misinforming' its Crew

The recent issue spurred after Attaran tweeted about an United Airlines flight attendant not wearing a mask inside the flight he was travelling on. Sharing the pictures of the unmasked flight attendant, Attaran wrote, "Hey @United, why are you breaking the law? Masks are required on all flights out of Canada. Your flight attendant isn't wearing one!"

In another tweet, posted sometime later, the Canadian professor claimed that he had a friendly chat with the erring flight attendant. "In Chicago now. Had a friendly chat with the flight attendant, and found she is blameless because @United misinforms its crew. WTF, United? Look here: on flights leaving Canada, masks are mandatory the "entire travel journey". FOLLOW THE LAW!" he wrote.

"United should be forbidden from flying to Canada—immediately," he tweeted, while tagging the country's minister of transport. "Our country, our rules. Even the supervisor I talked with in Chicago didn't understand Canadian rules apply to flights departing Canada."

Attaran Mocks Americans Over Covid- Related Deaths

Following a trail of negative tweets, Attaran went to criticise the United States regarding the widespread due to the ongoing pandemic.

"Don't like Canada's laws? Then keep your American companies in your own country," he tweeted. "Our country, our rules. That's why your COVID death rate is triple ours, a–holes."

"See Americans, you get crazy mad about COVID safety and attack science—and then you die. You drank the GOP Kool Aid and it's mass suicide basically."

Lambasting the widespread gun culture in the United States, the Canadian professor tweeted, "Oh, and if you Republican Reptiles dislike Canada's COVID safety laws, you'll TOTALLY HATE our gun safety laws—if you're not already shot and dead," he tweeted. "Cuz Yankees murder their own far more than Canadians. Even kids. It's awful. I'm so glad I emigrated from California to Canada."

The volley of tweets from the Canadian professor wasn't taken very kindly by the social media users. "He's so adorable when he mentions a school shooting to jab Americans after he tried to get a black woman fired from her job for not wearing a mask," tweeted a user.

"Remember when being a professor at a university really meant something. They are no longer places to grow intellectually, and to learn critical and free thinking. Woke assholes like this aren't the exception in higher learning. They are a metastatic cancer," tweeted another user.

"Is this account for real? If it is, humans like this still exist? Every moment you must be waking up with lots of hate and disgust for yourself. Poor soul," read another one.