Who Is Alex Weamer-Lee? Mystery Fifth Man Who Was with Three Kansas City Chiefs Fans Who Were Found Frozen to Death Identified as Childhood Friend

Police found the bodies of Harrington, Johnson, and McGenney in the yard of Willis' rental home two days later during a welfare check.

The fifth man who was present at a Kansas City Chiefs watch party and left before three of his friends were found frozen to death in the host's backyard has been identified as Alex Weamer-Lee, according to a new report. Weamer-Lee attended high school with David Harrington, 37, Ricky Johnson, 38, and Clayton McGeeney, 36.

The bodies of Harrington, Johnson, and McGeeney were found outside Jordan Willis' Kansas City rental home on January 9, just two days after all five friends had gathered there to watch football, the Daily Mail reported on Friday. However, Weamer-Lee claims to have left at midnight after the football finished and when everyone was alive.

All Were School Friends

Kansas City Chiefs fans
Alex Weamer-Lee (extreme left) seen with David Harrington (second left), Clayton McGeeney (second right) and Ricky Johnson (right) who were found dead in the yard of their friend Jordan Willis X

As per previous reports, Weamer-Lee, who shortens his name to Lee, according to his attorney Andrew Talge, arrived at Willis' home around 7 p.m. on January 7 and left around midnight while the other four men were still awake, engaged in watching "Jeopardy!"

Police found the bodies of Harrington, Johnson, and McGenney in the yard of Willis' rental home two days later during a welfare check. The check was prompted by numerous calls and texts to their phones that had gone unanswered.

Ricky Johnson
Ricky Johnson X

Willis' lawyer has also said that during the incident, he had been "asleep on the couch" beside a loud fan, wearing noise-canceling headphones for nearly two days.

The case is not being treated as a homicide, and authorities have explicitly said that foul play is not suspected.

Weamer-Lee shares a childhood friendship with the three men found dead Willis from their time at Park Hill High School, as reported by the DailyMail.

David Harrington
David Harrington X

Social media photos show Weamer-Lee and his friends wearing Kansas City Chiefs jerseys, flashing wide smiles on their faces.

No Foul Play Suspected by Mystery Continues

According to his attorney, Lee received text messages from McGeeney's fiancée and Johnson's mother inquiring about their well-being. Lee reached out to both Willis and Johnson via text but did not receive responses from either.

Clayton McGeeney
Clayton McGeeney X

The account provided by Lee's lawyer contradicts several statements made by Willis' attorney, John Picerno.

Picerno had previously stated that Willis saw all four of his friends leave around 2 a.m. and then went to sleep on his couch.

The account provided by Lee's attorney further contradicts Picerno's claims that Willis did not receive any texts, only messages via Facebook Messenger.

Family members of the victims have publicly expressed skepticism toward Willis, with Harrington's father saying that he does not believe the version of events provided by the HIV research scientist.

Jordan Willis
Jordan Willis X

Despite the doubts, Willis' family is supporting him, maintaining that he is grieving the loss of his friends in this unusual case.

"He would never in a million years do anything," Jordan Willis' father told The Post Thursday.

"These were all good friends of his, these were all people he went to school with and he took them to a football game the day before for the Chiefs."