Three Kansas City Chiefs Fans Found Dead in Friend's Backyard in Freezing Cold While He Was Asleep on the Couch May Have Taken Drugs

Attorney John Picerno did not dismiss the possibility that the men might have been using drugs and suffered an overdose.

The three Kansas City Chiefs fans, who were found dead in their friend's backyard under mysterious circumstances, may have taken drugs, but cops are awaiting the toxicology report for confirmation. Jordan Willis, 38, the homeowner, is an HIV researcher and protein scientist who both lives and works in the property on NW 83rd Terrace in Kansas City, Missouri.

On January 9, the bodies of Jordan Willis' three friends - David Harrington, Ricky Johnson, and Clayton McGeeney - were found in the backyard of Willis. The friends had been there since January 7, the day when the three men visited Willis to watch the Chiefs play against the Los Angeles Chargers.

Mysterious Deaths, Multiple Angles

Kansas City Chiefs fans
David Harrington (second left), Clayton McGeeney (second right) and Ricky Johnson (right) were found dead in the yard of their friend Jordan Willis X

According to Willis' attorney, he bid farewell to his friends, and then "crashed" on the couch, and later went upstairs to bed. The attorney claims that the three men returned to the property and, at some point, went outside.

On the night in question, a fifth man was present in the home, described as a "buddy" by Willis. He claims that this individual "left earlier" than the other three men who were found dead 48 hours later.

Jordan Willis
Jordan Willis X

Attorney John Picerno did not dismiss the possibility that the men might have been using drugs and suffered an overdose. When questioned about this, he said, "There's a chance of everything," as reported by the NYPost.

Rickie Johnson Sr., the father of one of the deceased individuals, mentioned that while his son may have used drugs in the past, he finds it difficult to believe that all three friends took drugs and simply "fell over dead in the backyard."

"They told us to wait, for four hours, and they would tell us what they found. We waited all night and they never called. We called them the next day, and they still wouldn't give us any information. So, I called an attorney," Johnson Sr, said.

Clayton McGeeney
Clayton McGeeney X

"He may have done some drugs and stuff in the past, but I do not believe all three of them did drugs and fell over dead in that backyard.

"I'm not going to say that during a game he didn't have some drinks. But he wasn't irresponsible that he was going to go outside and freeze to death.

"You're talking about three grown men. If he was out there just freezing like they said, he could've kicked out a window to get into the house."

Norma Chester, Johnson's mother, told Fox News Digital: "Seriously, these were responsible men. How do they go in a backyard and freeze to death, all three of them."

Real Story Still Unclear

Picerno claims that Willis had no involvement in the deaths of the three men. "He has nothing to hide. He went to the police station and spoke with officers without a lawyer present, he allowed them to search his home... these were his friends.

David Harrington
David Harrington X

"He'd bought tickets for them all to go to the next Chiefs game - he didn't want any harm to come to any of them. There was no ill will," attorney John Picerno told

Picerno slammed online investigators and those assuming Willis is to blame, debunking the speculation as "unfair." The toxicology report from the medical examiner is pending release.

Willis maintains that he spent the subsequent two days at home, unaware that his friends' cars were still parked outside. He only found out that they had died when one of the men's fiancée broke into the house on January 9.

Willis believes the men returned while he was asleep after he had waved them off on January 7 to 'hang out' in the living room.

"Maybe they didn't want to go to a bar or hangout somewhere else," Picerno told, as the families of the three victims demanded answers.

Ricky Johnson
Ricky Johnson X

Jordan Willis worked from home, and during this time, his two dogs were at his father's house, eliminating the need for walks.

Over the next two days, the families of the victims claim they repeatedly attempted to contact Willis through phone calls and Facebook messages, seeking information about their loved ones but received no response.

On January 9, when the fiancée broke into the house and discovered the first body, she contacted the police.

Responding officers reportedly found Willis in his underwear, holding an empty glass of wine. Subsequently, the other two bodies were found in the backyard.

The circumstances surrounding the deaths remain unclear. Police say there was no foul play, and Willis has neither been charged nor arrested.