Who is Addison Pierre Maalouf? American YouTube Star Abducted and Kept in Cage in Haiti while Attempting to Interview G-9 Gang Leader

$600000 ransom has been demanded to set the YouTuber free.

An American internet personality known as YourFellowArab has reportedly been abducted in Haiti while attempting to interview gang leader Jimmy 'Barbecue' Cherizier. The incident allegedly occurred during his visit to the area of Croix-des-Bouquets.

You Fellow Arab
YouTuber YourfellowArab kidnapped and kept in a cage in Haiti. He was reportedly taken hostage while attempting to interview notorious gang leader 'Barbecue' x

Local sources indicate that YourFellowArab, whose real name is Addison Pierre Maalouf, was seized on March 14 in Delmas 6, a region of Port-au-Prince. The perpetrators are believed to be members of the 400 Mawozo gang, acting under the command of their leader, Joseph Wilson, also known as Lanmo San Jou.

This gang, infamous for previous kidnappings, including 16 American missionaries and one Canadian in 2021, reportedly demands a ransom of $600,000 for YourFellowArab's release. Approximately $40,000 has already been paid, according to local news outlet Haiti24.

YourFellowArab, known for documenting gang-related activities on his YouTube channel, has ventured into perilous territories before, such as Rio de Janeiro's favelas. Another Twitch streamer, Lalem, confirmed the abduction on social media, stating efforts were underway for his release.

British YouTuber Miles Routledge, who often visits risky locations, recounted speaking with YourFellowArab over the phone. Routledge mentioned that YourFellowArab was accompanied by someone named Sean Roubens Jean Sacra when they were both taken.

Routledge disclosed that the kidnappers have reduced their ransom demand to "five figures" and indicated that YourFellowArab remains confined in a location on the eastern outskirts of Port-au-Prince. Despite the ordeal, YourFellowArab reportedly remains optimistic, intending to produce a video about his experience once freed. His companion, Sean, has chosen to remain with him despite being offered the opportunity to leave.