What is 'Have You Ever Bingo Challenge'? Find templates here

'Have You Ever Bingo Challenge' is quite simple as participants have to just fill out what they have or haven't done in their lives

With social media playing a major role in one's life, 'how to become popular and what should be done to make something trending on social media' are some of the thoughts youngsters have every single day. It is one of the reasons why we come across different challenges, sometimes dangerous and weird, that go viral on different social media platforms in no time.

Now, looks like people are becoming more creative with most of them being stuck inside the home due to the rising number of Coronavirus cases and mandatory lockdown in several countries. The latest one that is doing the rounds on Instagram is 'Have You Ever Bingo Challenge'.

What's Have You Ever Bingo Challenge?

Have you ever Bingo Challenge templates
'Have you ever Bingo Challenge' sample templates Twitter

The latest challenge has gained traction of many youngsters and is quite simple as participants have to just fill out what they have or haven't done in their lives. However, in order to participate in the challenge, you'll need a Bingo template, which you can find online. All you need to do is to simply tick off what applies or doesn't apply to you.

The options can be anything from if you have got fired, been arrested, changed a dirty diaper, goten a tattoo, travelled alone, been in a relationship, made out in public, faked being sick, made a fake ID to been stung by a bee, to name a few. Once you have filled in the template, it must be shared as an Instagram story, where you can tag your friends, colleagues and family too to take part in the challenge.

Meanwhile, a few 'Bingo challenge' templates found on social media also show students designing them specifically for their friends' gang by including the possible activities they might have done at school/college. So, get inspired by the ideas listed in the sample templates below and start sharing the appropriate ones with your friends and family.

Check out some Bingo Challenge templates here: