TikTok's 'Naked-Challenge' is trending among youngsters amid Coronavirus lockdown; Videos go viral

Unlike many other TikTok challenges, Naked-Challenge has impressed many youngsters on social media, with them able to distract their partners amid Coronavirus lockdown situation

Amid the Coronavirus outbreak, millions of people are stuck at home with most of the countries imposing mandatory lockdowns to curb the spread of the deadly virus. For some people, working from home might keep themselves busy the whole day, but there are many others, who are struggling to kill the time.

With no one being allowed to leave home, most of the people are forced to spend their time watching television, binge-watching movies, reading, doing household chores or handling kids. Now, someone, who seems to have been really bored with the quarantine period staying inside their home for a long time has come up with a new TikTok challenge. Several videos with the hashtag "Naked_Challenge" have started doing the rounds on social media.

However, unlike many other challenges found on the video-sharing platform, often dangerous, the latest one seems to have impressed many youngsters on social media.

What's this 'Naked Challenge' all about?

What's 'Naked Challenge' trending amid Coronavirus lockdown?
What's 'Naked Challenge' trending amid Coronavirus lockdown? Twitter

As part of the Naked Challenge, a man/woman should record the reactions of their partner upon seeing the other one naked all of a sudden. In the videos that have surfaced online, while some of the partners remain in a shocked state, many are seen stopping whatever they were doing.

Looks like this new video challenge has impressed many women, with them able to distract their partners, who are either keeping themselves busy with their work or playing video games amid the Coronavirus lockdown.

Check out some videos of the 'Naked Challenge' below:

Other recent TikTok challenges

Meanwhile, after the outbreak of COVID-19, the hashtag #coronaviruschallenge had also found takers online, unfortunately. The challenge, started by a 21-year-old woman, received flak from all sides as it involved licking the toilet seats inside a flight. Though many didn't follow her footsteps, there were a few people, who apparently tried to do the challenge in an attempt to become popular.

Meanwhile, a person, who apparently tried this bizarre challenge was later reported to have tested positive for Coronavirus infection. Reports said that an internet prankster, known as Larz, made claims about contracting COVID-19 just days after the video of him licking a toilet seat was uploaded online.

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