Was G-Dragon 'Grooming' Blackpink's Jennie Since She was a Minor? Affair Baffles Fans, Draws Ire

Blackpink's Jennie and G-Dragon have been reportedly dating for nearly a year now. The couple's affair was revealed by the South Korean media outlet, Dispatch.

However, soon after the news of their affair was reported by the South Korean outlet, the management company handling Blackpink and BigBang, YG Entertainment, issued a statement saying that it would not comment on the personal lives of its artists.

Blackpink's Jennie is reportedly dating G-Dragon Twitter

Jennie's Mother Is Aware of Her Affair- Dispatch

In its report Dispatch claimed that the K-pop stars have been dating for almost a year now. Speaking to the outlet, a close friend of the couple revealed that a lot of people in YG noticed their relationship. "Jennie's mother is also aware of it, and she is thankful to him for his thoughtful care," said the source.

Disclosing the details of how the couple managed to keep their affair a secret for such a long time, the outlet reported that the duo dated in 32-year-old G-Dragon's penthouse apartment located in the neighborhood of Hannam in Seoul.

The luxurious apartment not only has a separate entrance but also a private lift. It was also revealed that Jennie registered her car in the security system so that she doesn't have to go through the verification process each time she visits.

Jennie, who made her debut in Blackpink during August 2016, was once spotted leaving his apartment on January 31.

Jennie Featured in G-Dragon's Album When She was a Minor

According to SCMP the couple has been label mates for more than a decade. Jennie, 25, also appeared in the music video for G-Dragon's single That XX in 2012, and the following year she featured on the song Black from his album Coup d'Etat, reported the outlet.

Soon after the news broke, Jennie and G-Dragon were trending on social media platforms. "As a BLACKPINK fan I always do everything for the members happiness. If Jennie is dating she is happy I'm also happy. She is a grown woman. Leave Jennie alone. And support her!! Btw idols can date!! Love you #JENNIE," wrote a user.

However, there were few others who pointed out the weirdness in k-pop couple's relationship. "Wait didnt jennie feature on a gdragon song when she was still a trainee and a minor... and now theyre dating? thats kinda," tweeted a user.

"Wait the gdragon and jennie situation is so weird if it's true...now that i think about it they're in the same company so he basically saw her grow up Sure jennie's 25 now but the fact he knew her since she was a minor...yeah no," wrote another user.

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