Vodka Named 'Zelensky's Tears' Goes on Sale In Russian Supermarkets; Videos, Pics Surface on Social Media

A vodka named 'Zelensky's Tears' is being sold at a supermarket in Moscow. Pictures and videos of the bottled alcohol have surfaced on social media.

It may be noted that since the Russia invaded Ukraine following the special military operation launched by Russian president Vladimir Putin on February 24, several merchandise, including pro-war "Z" symbol have appeared in the Russian market.

Zelensky's Tears Vodka
Vodka named Zelensky's Tears. Twitter

Vodka Bottle Shows a Crying Zelensky

In a clip shared on Twitter, a user shows a vodka bottle branded Zelensky's Tears being available in a Moscow supermarket. The transparent bottle includes a black-and-white image of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's face. It is designed in such a way that it the Ukrainian President appears to be wiping tears from his right eye.

Zelensky, who hasn't shied away from expressing his emotions since the invasion started, has often been caught in emotional state looking at the havoc caused by the Russian soldiers on the Ukrainian soil.

The New York Post reported that the shopper who was seen taking the bottle from the supermarket shelf is heard saying, "What a joke! Look at what they're selling at Moscow supermarkets: 'Zelensky's Tears' vodka. It's unbelievable."

The outlet further reported that recently a vodka bottle with the symbol "Z" printed on it was also being sold in Russia. The vodka bottle with slogan, "We Don't Abandon Ours," was being sold for 345 rubles, slightly over $6.

Social Media Reacts to 'Zelensky's Tears'

The vodka brand caught the fancy of social media users too. "In Moscow's supermarkets vodka brands includes Putinka, Medvedevka and Yeltsinka with new Zelensky's Tears. What about Adolf Hitler's moustache ? Longe range weapons reaching Moscow. Only way to turn this sick society into rethinking their place on this planet," wrote a user.

"Tears of Zelensky" vodka in a Moscow supermarket. Russian copium IRL Cant win the war? Just drink Zelensky's tears and fuggetaboutit," read another tweet.

"If this was realistic, "Zelensky's Tears" would be the strongest vodka on the market," opined a user.

"Russian vodka brands include Putinka, Medvedevka and Yeltsinka. Now "Zelensky's Tears" is apparently on sale at Moscow's supermarkets," read a tweet.