Video Shows Axe-Wielding Illinois Man Attacking Cop Before Being Fatally Shot During Traffic Stop

Edward C. Samaan, a 28-year-old, was caught on video lunging towards a police officer with an axe, before being fatally shot. The chilling footage shows the Illinois man attacking the cop during a traffic stop of another vehicle.

Video cop axe

Attacker Arrived in Silver Sedan

The incident took place near the intersection of Bond Street and McDowell Road at around 11 am on June 3. The newly released video by the Naperville Police department shows, the officer, whose name has not been disclosed by the authorities conducting a traffic stop on a black coloured car. A silver sedan arrives and pulls up right next to the cop and the other vehicle.

The officer is heard saying, "Who are you, dude? Who are you?" Samaan is then seen exiting the driver side of the car muttering inaudible sentences while holding an axe in his right hand. He then suddenly lunges towards the cop, who has moved away from the vehicles.

The officer the takes out his gun and fires six shots towards the attacker. Samaan is seen falling on the ground moaning in pain. "Base, I've just been attacked, I just–shots fired! shots fired!" the officer radios in to his team.

"Don't move!" the officer shouts as Samaan continues to groan in pain while trying to get up. "Oh my God," says the cop, "Holy Sh-t." He then instructs the driver from the traffic stop, "Stay in your car, man! Don't move!"

"He's down, base," the officer shouts again. "Send a medic! Send a medic!" Samaan was taken to the hospital where he was declared brought dead.

Samaan's Family Apologises To Everyone Involved

ABC 7 Chicago reported that an autopsy has been completed, but the cause and manner of Samaan's death is still under investigation pending toxicology results.

Speaking to the outlet Samaan's brother said that they were not aware why he attacked the cop. Adding that the family has been speaking with the investigators, he said, " We are sorry to everyone involved."

According to the police the officer was uninjured in the altercation. An investigation into the incident is active and ongoing.