Vladimir Putin Threatens to Expose 'Satanic' Depopulation Plans Made in Bio Weapon Labs by US?

A viral claim suggesting that Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened to expose the 'satanic plans' of the United States and Europe to depopulate Earth, is found to be fake. However, social media users were seen chattering about the same on multiple platforms.

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin Twitter

What is the Viral Claim All About?

Screen shots of alleged speech given by Putin has been doing rounds. Accusing US and Europe of plans to depopulate the Earth, Putin is quoted saying, "I will make public the depopulation plan that the Unites States and Europe have prepared. It will be the scientists hidden in the bio-weapon labs that have been found who will uncover everything, they are right now in Moscow."

"I know your satanic plans to reduce the population of the planet. You are truly evil to use the most vulnerable to your plans. If you think people are simply subjecting themselves to the thought of massacre, leave your position immediately! If the USA and Europe don't stop their plans immediately, you will not only face God's wrath, but mine too. Finish your plan right away. Long live God and the homeland and receive enemies with open arms of death," read another version of the claim posted on Facebook.

Soon the posts went viral, with social media users reacting to the same. "I'm working in one of them. First, none of us are right now in Moscow. Second, the depopulation plan is already taking place. It will certainly be interesting to see what Putin comes up with, though," tweeted a user.

"Been saying it #putin can become in they eyes of every country that is fighting this N. W. O.,The Green Deal, Depopulation, VAX lie Etc. A hero if he spilled the goods," wrote another user.

"LFG, state the truth president Putin! Please tell us conspiracy theorists that we've been right the whole time!" expressed another user.

Here is the Truth

Debunking the claim, Reuters Fact Check reported that there Reuters there was no evidence that the Russian President spoke about denouncing the West's "satanic" plans to depopulate the globe.

In a communique to the outlet, Angela Stent, Director of Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies at Georgetown University said that she considers the claim to be fake. "There is no record of Putin's speech, including on the Kremlin website (here) which publishes all his speeches and newspaper interviews," she said.

The outlet reported that similar views were also shared by James Nixey, Director of the Russia-Eurasia Programme at Chatham House and Matthew Luxmoore, Moscow Correspondent for Radio Free Europe.

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