Biden Claims 10-Year-Old Rape Victim Went to Indiana to 'Terminate the Presidency'; Reads 'Repeat the Line' From Teleprompter

U.S. President Joe Biden was trolled after he was caught in yet another gaffe involving the teleprompter instructions during a speech. Biden was heard saying "repeat the line" while criticizing the Supreme Court decision to end the constitutional right to abortion.

The U.S. President was also heard repeatedly saying "end of quote" during his televised speech on Friday.

Joe Biden
U.S. President Joe Biden Twitter

White House Denies Biden's Gaffe

The latest gaffe took place during Biden's speech where he announced new steps aimed at protecting women's reproductive rights following the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe Vs Wade, which had established a constitutional right to abortion.

"It is noteworthy that the percentage of women who register to vote and cast a ballot is consistently higher than the percentage of the men who do so—end of quote, repeat the line. Women are not without electoral and, or, political—let me be precise: not and, or—or political power," Biden said during his address.

The teleprompter had instructed him to repeat the line "Women are not without electoral or political power," a sentence which Biden read aloud. In another clip from the speech, Biden, while speaking about a 10-year-old rape victim who had to travel out of Ohio for abortion. "10 years old — and she was forced to have to travel out of the state, to Indiana, to seek to terminate the presidency," Biden was heard saying.

Biden Gets Trolled

Despite the gaffes, White House denied that Biden read the instructions from the teleprompter or he spoke about terminating the presidency.

The published speech claimed that the U.S. President said, "Let me repeat the line," and "terminate the presnency [pregnancy]."

"Joe Biden accidentally reads the teleprompter telling him to repeat the line. He just keeps getting worse. Do we really have 30 more months of this? Scary. And sad," tweeted Clay Travis, author of Republicans Buy Sneakers Too.

""Biden is so far gone that he will literally read anything put on the teleprompter in front of him. 'End of quote' ... 'Repeat the line,'" tweeted Washington Times columnist Tim Young.

"Biden just read "end of quote repeat the line" from a teleprompter and said a girl had to "terminate the presidency". how is anyone still pretending there's not something wrong here?" read another tweet.

"BIDEN: "She was forced to have to travel out of the state to Indiana to seek to terminate the PRESIDENCY and maybe save her life." Uh, terminate the what now? Hard to believe all of this astonishing Biden gaffes are all from the same day," expressed another user.

"In the span of 5 minutes Joe Biden has said a 10-year old girl needed an abortion to "terminate the presidency," repeated the non-spoken cue part of his teleprompter, and said the United States has had "3 to 4 thousand [political assassinations]." So a good day for him," read another tweet.