Viral Video Shows Wild 'British' Tourist Having Brazen Sex on a Busy Road in Pattaya on Christmas; Thai Police on a Lookout

A drunk 'British' tourist was caught having roadside sex with a sex worker on Christmas morning in Pattaya, Thailand. The Thai police is on the lookout for the man, who identified himself as a Britisher from England to an onlooker.

british tourist
Thai police is a on lookout for the tourist who was caught having sex on the roadside in Pattaya. Twitter

Pervy Tourist Was Caught by a Homeless Man

The New York Post reported that that incident was caught on the camera by a 50-year-old homeless, who later filed a complaint with the police. The viral clip shows the unidentified man along with a woman on the roadside as vehicles pass by them.

The woman, a sex worker, proceeds to perform oral sex on the man. The couple later engage in full blown sex despite being aware about the onlooker filming them. Even though the man is seen waving at the onlooker to stop recording, he continues with his sexual escapade.

After finishing off, the man is seen casually pulling up his shorts and talking with the woman. Later he gives something to the woman before both leave the spot and go their separate ways.

According to the outlet the elderly eyewitness described the tourist as a "disgusting foreigner" who appeared to be inebriated. "They were sitting there doing it for 30 minutes. They didn't care about the cars going by. They could even see me watching them, but they were too drunk to care," the 50-year-old said.

Man Identified Himself as a Britisher

During an interaction with the sex worker the blonde man said that he was from England. The eyewitness revealed, "I heard the man talking. He was from England. They finished, then they talked and he gave her something, I think it was money, and she left. I am tired of disgusting foreigners treating my city like a rubbish bin."

Stating that footage was being recovered from the nearby CCTV cameras to identify the foreigner and the sex worker, Police Capt. Yutthapol Boonkerd said that the erring tourist faces arrest for public indecency.

"We have received information that he could be British but we will not know for sure until we find him. There are lots of cameras in the area, which we are watching back to confirm a crime has been committed at that date and time. It should not be difficult to find both of them," Boonkerd was quoted by the outlet.