Vikings season 6 episode 11 release date, spoilers: Bjorn is likely to die, confirms Michael Hirst

Show creator also confirmed the victory of Rus army by calling it a complete "wipeout" for Bjorn's team in the midseason finale episode of Vikings season 6

Vikings season six is currently on a long hiatus and the viewers are desperately waiting for episode 11 to know the fate of Bjorn Ironside. The King of Kattegat was seriously wounded in the mid-season finale episode and his fans are still not sure if their favourite character will make it out alive in the mid-season premiere episode.

Ever since the show went on a mid-season break, creator Michael Hirst and actor Alexander Ludwig has been sharing tidbits of information about Bjorn's return in the second half of final season. Though both of them indirectly confirmed the demise of this fan favourite character, they also teased something big for him in episode 11.

While Ludwig teased the return of his character for a final battle, Hirst said the character could be back for some unfinished work. Hirst and Ludwig also said the character will be a part of the show in some shape or form throughout the second half of Vikings season six. So, the viewers can expect to see more of their favourite character in the upcoming episodes.

What to expect in episode 11?

Actor Alexander Ludwig as Bjorn Ironside in Vikings season 6. Facebook/Vikings

The mid-season premiere episode will probably focus on the aftermath of an epic battle between the Rus army and the Vikings of Bjorn. In an interview with TV Guide, Hirst confirmed the victory of Rus army as he said it is a complete "wipeout" for the Vikings. The show creator further said Bjorn and Herald are "likely to" be among the casualties from the war field.

"I mean, those extraordinary scenes in Episode 9, when we see the Rus army marching out and we realized just how formidable and huge that army is. And so it's not a surprise that the Vikings can't hold them. And yes, a lot of people, a lot of Vikings are killed. And Harald and Bjorn are certainly extremely seriously, seriously wounded and likely to die. But what happens after that is saved for [Episode 11]," Hirst said.

When will Vikings season 6 return with episode 11?

The show is expected to return with a new episode in November. as the drama series has been taking nearly a year-long hiatus during all its season breaks. Since the first half of season six concluded in February, the show will probably take a 10-month gap before returning with the second half of its final season.