Vikings Season 6 Episode 11 release date, spoilers: Did Alexander Ludwig confirm Bjorn's demise?

Vikings season 6 cast member Alexander Ludwig said the viewers can be prepared to see the unexpected in the mid-season premiere episode.

After watching the shocking mid-season finale episode of Vikings season 6, the viewers are not sure if they will get to see Bjorn Ironside again in the show. Though Creator Michael Hirst has been teasing the return of Bjorn in the mid-season premiere episode, cast member Alexander Ludwig seems to have confirmed the demise of his character.

The 27-year-old Canadian actor recently revealed that he is not supposed to comment about his character's fate, but he is satisfied with the way his story has come to an end. The Viking King was seriously injured in the mid-season finale episode and he is most likely to succumb to his injuries in episode 11. It is already confirmed by show Creator Michael Hirst, who might introduce a new leader for Kattegat in the second half of season 6.

However, the viewers cannot really prepare for biding adieu to Bjorn. It is because the creator and the actor have asked the fans not to draw a conclusion about the character before watching the mid-season premiere episode. They said the viewers cannot rule out the chances of Bjorn making it out alive in episode 11.

Vikings season 6 may return with episode 11 in November. Facebook/Vikings

Here is what Ludwig had to say about his character (via ET Online):

I was able to leave that show knowing -- not saying I'm leaving yet, but we are done with the show now -- with entirety we did that character justice.

Find out how Hirst describes Bjorn's fate:

It's not over yet... Bjorn's legacy is much greater, much more profound than you think it is, just having watched 610. So your whole attitude toward Bjorn I think will change.

When will Vikings season 6 return with episode 11?

Vikings season 6 will probably air the mid-season premiere episode in November. The show is known for taking nearly a year-long break before returning with a new episode. Ever since the show introduced a two-part season of 10 episode each, it has been following a November return. But season 6 premiered in December 2019. So, the fans will have to wait for an official confirmation from History Channel to know more about it.