Vikings season 6 episode 11 air date, spoilers, fan theories: Who will be the new King of Kattegat?

What if none of the Ragnars' sons becomes the King of Kattegat for the last few episodes of Vikings season 6; will it be the surprising twist of episode 11?.

Bjorn Ironside is the King of Kattegat now and he is seriously injured. If he dies due to his injuries in episode 11, will there be a new King? If so, who could it be? Followers of Vikings season 6 are going through every possible nugget of information they can get online, to find the answer. Read on to know what fans have found out and check out what the cast members have to say about it.

The list of people who are speculated to become the new ruler of the Viking Kingdom include Ivar the Boneless, Ubbe, Hvitserk and King Harald Finehair. If anyone of you is wondering how King Harald can be the King of Kattaget, you will get the details below.

So, let's check out why these characters are speculated to be the new ruler of Kattegat and their chances of it, according to the cast members.

Will Ubbe become the new ruler of Kattegat?

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The eldest son of Ragnar and Aslaug is highly speculated to be the new ruler. Two Reddit users are quite sure about him ruling the people of Kattegat in the second half of Vikings season 6. They have come up with their own interesting theories about Ubbe taking up Bjorn's position in episode 11.

Check out the fan theories below:

A Reddit user monikered as ProXplode2468 speculated that Ubbe will hear about Rus' attack on his way to Iceland and he will decide to help his people. In order to fight the Rus army, he will seek the help of two people – King Alfred and Rollo, the person added.

Another follower of Vikings season 6 with the user name Scarface497 stated that Ubbe is just like Bjorn in nature and it increases his chances of becoming the King of Kattegat. Unlike his brothers Ivar and Hvitserk, Ubbe is very calm and he was never knocked down by anyone, the Reddit user added.

Find out what actress Georgia Hirst has to say about these fan theories:

The actress, who portrays Ubbe's wife Trovi in Vikings season 6, believes that it is unlikely to see Ubbe as the King of Kattegat in the final episodes of the historical drama series. During an interview with Express, Georgia said it is hard to completely satisfy every follower of the show. The fans will probably have mixed reactions after watching the finale.

Will Ivar reclaim Kattegat?

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Ivar was long been speculated to reclaim Kattegat with the help of Prince Oleg. Ever since the premiere of Vikings season 6, the followers of the drama series were looking forward to seeing Ivar take down Bjorn with the help of Prince Oleg. It was the focus of episode 10.

Actor Alex Hogh Anderson, who portrays Ivar in the show, also teased his return to power in an interview with ET Canada. The actor said he hopes to see his character alive until the end of the show. His death should come as a surprise to viewers and it can be featured in the final moments of the last episode, the actor added.

The last episode of Vikings series may feature a conflict between Prince Oleg and Ivar about converting the Vikings into Christians and they might fight with each other in which the Prince may succeed in defeating Ragnar's son.

Will Hvitserk become the next Bjorn?

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The second son of Ragnar and Aslaug is least speculated to become the King of Kattegat. Though fans are looking forward to a clash between Ivar and his brother, they are not hopeful of seeing him rule the Viking Kingdom. But show creator Michael Hirst has already said viewers will never know who will end up ruling Kattegat.

Will King Harald take over Kattegat?

King Harald
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Harald was always a power thirsty King and he had dreamed about taking over Kattegat. A Reddit user monikered as Paneo01 speculated a huge battle between Ivar, Harald and Alfred, which will have big ramifications for all three.

Actor Peter Franzen, who portrays King Harald in the series, also believes that his character will have a lot more to tell viewers in the last 10 episodes of Vikings. In an interview with ET Canada, the actor said his character may not die in the battlefield as the real Harald died of old age and it means viewers can expect to see more about him in the upcoming episodes.

When will Vikings season 6 return with episode 11?

History Channel has not made an official announcement about the release date of the mid-season premiere episode. But speculation is rife about a year-end return for the show. Get the details here.