Video: Did BTS J-Hope Ask Jimin to "F*ck Off" During 'Butter' Live Stream? Here is the Truth

Watch the video to see what made Jimin get shocked during the live streaming involving all BTS members.

BTS is basking in the glory of the success of its latest single Butter. The second English single of Bangtan Boys has created record by reaching 100 million views in just one day. The South Korean boy band is winning praise globally and wanted to thank the fans for making it all possible. Thus BTS held a live session to celebrate their Butter comeback. But this live session turned out to be funny, when Jimin made a mistake.

During the live stream, Jimin is seen bewildered when J-Hope asks him to turn something off. Understanding Jimin's concerns, BTS V steps in to explain and says it is not what Jimin thinks, but J-Hope really asked him to turn it off. Here is what led Jimin to think otherwise.

Stills of BTS members J-Hope and Jimin. Instagram

The Misunderstanding

In Korean language "Kko Juseyo" means please turn it off. But with a light difference, i.e. Kko Jiseyo means f*ck off or get lost. So, when J-Hope asked Jimin to put something off, the latter understood it as Kko Jiseyo [meaning f*uck off]. That made him look surprised during the livestream.

Here is the complete conversation of the sequence:

J-Hope: Jimin, can you turn....can you turn it off?

Jin: Please turn it off

[Surprised, Jimin looks the other side.]

V: He did not ask you to get lost/f*ck off!

Jimin: Everyone, we usually don't use this kind of language on our broadcasts! What...Jimin get lost?

J-Hope: I just meant turn it off.

Jin: Turn it off!

V: Turn it off!

J-Hope: Jimin, you were in charge of turning it off.

Watch the video below to check out:

Just like always, soon misunderstanding was cleared and the entire seven-member BTS team laughed it off. The live stream continued and Jin, Jimin, V, J-Hope, Suga, Jungkook and RM thanked their fans for making Butter a success.

Meanwhile, Butter, which released on May 21 has set a record of largest YouTube music video premiere. The MV premiere recorded over 3.9 million fans viewing Butter when it went live. With this, BTS broke its own record that was created in August 2020. BTS' first English single Dynamite was watched by 3 million fans when it went live.

Thus with Dynamite and Butter, BTS currently holds the top 2 positions [Number 1 and 2] for biggest YouTube Premiere. Watch the music video Butter.

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