5 Facts About BTS Summer Song 'Butter'; Bangtan Boys Confident of Another Grammy Nomination

Here is why the summer song 'Butter' is special for BTS, from songwriters to Grammy nominations, here are five facts about Bangtan Boys' second English single.

The globally hit song Dynamite has given more power to South Korea's top KPop boy band BTS. The Bangtan Boys have started ruling the western music charts. After the success of Dynamite, now BTS has released its latest single Butter. Termed as the BTS summer song, Butter is has so far received positive response from fans and has managed to garner 33,437,853 views in just three hours of its premiere on its official Youtube account of Hybe Labels.

The song was released globally at 1 pm KST on May 21. The ARMY [fans of BTS] is now waiting for the song to shatter more records than its previous single Dynamite did. Big Hit Music stated that Butter is expected to instantly attract its listeners with its captivating intro base-line and refreshing synth sounds. Here are five facts about the BTS song Butter.

KPop band BTS has released its second English Single 'Butter'. Instagram

1) Second Try

With Butter, BTS has reached out to the global audience for the second time. Although language is no barrier when it comes to films and music, it is also true that music created in a global language [used and understood by most people globally], can reach a larger audience. BTS' first complete English single Dynamite even won a Grammy nomination for the Kpop group. Thus, Butter is Bangtan Boys' second complete English single.

2) Who wrote the lyrics of Butter?

The song-writing credits of Butter have been given to Rob Grimaldi, Stephen Kirk, Ron Perry, Jenna Andrews, Alex Bilowitz, Sebastian Garcia, and RM of BTS. British songwriter David Stewart and Jessica Agombar had also written the lyrics of the band's first English song Dynamite. This time around, BTS team member RM has also joined in to write the lyrics in English.

3) Billboard 2021 Performance

BTS is all set to perform Butter at the upcoming 2021 Billboard Music Awards [BBMA 2021], scheduled on May 24. BTS has been nominated in four categories at BBMA - top duo/group, top song sales artist, top social artist and top-selling song for their Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 hit [Dynamite]. BTS also has a chance of winning another award in the top social category, if fans vote for the Kpop group. SUGA also predicted that the song will rank No. 1 at Billboard music charts. "I think that we can hit #1 on the Billboard 'Hot 100'. I think we need to hit #1, and so we will," said SUGA.

4) Another Grammy Nomination?

Ahead of the release of Butter, the members of BTS addressed a global press conference on May 21 at Olympic Hall in Seoul. BTS expressed hope and confidence that they will win nomination for their single Butter at next year's Grammy Awards.

Revealing the reasons behind releasing Butter, BTS member SUGA told reporters that the group's aim of winning a Grammy Award still stands. "We plan to aim for it once again. We hope to see good results," SUGA said. RM backed SUGA's claims and said: "Just as many people wondered, it's true that we were thinking about the 'Grammys'. We would like to do our best and aim for it once again."

5) Why Butter?

Explaining why they named the single Butter and the story behind the tagline 'Smooth like butter," Jimin said, "We wanted to prepare a song that everyone could listen to easily. There is no huge message or anything like that. It is a cute confession song, saying that I want to melt you softly like butter. We wanted to capture various types of charms, just like butter, cute and sleazy and charismatic."

First photo teaser of BTS single Butter. BTS official
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