Vera Smirnova: Instagram Model Sparks Investigation after Posing in Swimsuit with NY City Firefighters

One photograph show her wearing a helmet as she poses in a bikini with the firefighters, while in another she is seen getting a ride on the shoulders of a smoke-eater.

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New York City firefighters are under fire after posing with bikini-clad Instagram model Vera Smirnova. An investigation has been launched after Smirnova posted a series of her raunchy photographs with some firefighters on the social media platform last week, officials said.

A series of Instagram photos posted by Smirnova shows her along with another bikini-clad model getting separately cheeky with New York's Bravest at the Engine 8/Ladder 2 stationhouse on 51st Street in Midtown Manhattan last week. Interestingly, Instagram model Anastasia Fields too had posed a set of photographs flashing her butt with two NYPD cops in December, which although was appreciated by her fans didn't call for any investigation.

Setting the Stage on Fire

Vera Smirnova
Vera Smirnova Instagram

The smokin' hot photos posted by Smirnova have already raised quite a few eyebrows within the Ney York City Fire Department. "I was on fire," Smirnova wrote when posting her sexy photos. The photographs show her wearing a helmet while she poses in a bikini with the firefighters. One of the photographs even shows her getting a ride on the shoulders of a smoke-eater on Friday.

Vera Smirnova
Vera Smirnova Instagram

Yet another photo shows her surrounded by four firefighters who seem impressed with their new recruit. The brunette beauty often shows off her stunning assets for her online fans by stripping down to her smalls in a number of different locations. However, this time, she has invited trouble for the firefighters who were involved in the photoshoot.

Outraged seniors of the department have now launched an investigation and could even get suspended, a city official said. Moreover, none of the men are wearing masks as they crowded around Smirnova who is also not having a mask but just a fire helmet.

Igniting an Investigation

Smirnova, however, isn't the first model to get up close and personal with emergency service workers in New York after "butt model" Anastasia Fields was snapped with the same firefighters. Interestingly, at that time no investigation was launched. Fields also posted her raunchy photos flashing her butt with two NYPD cops in December.

That said, Fields was seen wearing a mask all through. Also, the NYPD cops had masks on. According to the New York Post, officials said "members of the department are prohibited from taking photographs, videotaping or recording audio while working unless authorized."

However, it's still not known what exactly led to the investigation and if it's the department rules or because of Smirnova and the firefighters not wearing masks. Officials only said that if the firefighters are found guilty they might get suspended.

That said, the one who has benefited from the entire episode is Smirnova, as her fans can't take their eyes off her semi-nude photos. So far she had got nearly 20,000 likes from her more than 350 thousand followers on Instagram.

This article was first published on March 9, 2021