Anastasia Fields: 'Butt Model' Breaks the Internet Posting Racy Instagram Photos with NYPD Cops

Fields came to prominence post the Covid-19 outbreak when she started posting photos on Instagram with her rear exposed to cheers up New Yorkers.

Model Anastasia Fields is all over Instagram and this time it's for something that not too many of her followers had imagined. The vegan model this time has posed for a cheeky photograph partially exposing her butt with two NYPD cops. And since the time she has posed the photograph social media users can't take their eyes off her.

Understandably, the unusual photo shoot has taken everyone by surprise given that not too many would have dared to approach on-duty cops from one of the world's most prominent police departments for a photo opportunity, that too in the middle of the town.

Butt Show

The 32-year-old model took everyone by surprise after she posed for a cheeky snap with two NYPD on-duty officers at in Midtown on Tuesday. Later, she posted the photograph on her Instagram account, where she is shown lifting up her dress and exposing her butt standing in between the two cops who are looking at the camera.

She also captioned the photo with a "NYPD heart emoji". The controversial photo since then has gone viral and has earned her more than a million new followers. Most of her 1.3 million followers since then have been flooding her with messages of appreciation.

Anastasia Fields
Anastasia Fields Instagram

"Ahh, why couldn't this have been me!? Lol," wrote one user named ssoulcoughing. "New York's finest," wrote another user, while another joked, "The back and the blue."

Fields has been in news lately for posting her steamy photographs that have made her one of the most popular Instagram influencers. She also grabbed quite few eyeballs a couple of months back after she sold her worn underwear online.

Taking Instagram by Storm

Understandably, her recent photograph with the two cops has raised the temperatures once again but at the same time has become a subject of debate as how did she manage to convince the cops and the entire NYPD to pose for such a photograph.

Fields came to prominence post the Covid-19 outbreak when she started using her bare butt to cheer up New Yorkers during the pandemic, posting numerous photos on Instagram with her rear exposed. In another recent Instagram post she along with another model was seen lifting their skirts and exposing their undergarment on a railway platform with an inbound train in the background.

Interestingly, she has been doing all these on the open streets, which also shows her boldness. She has also exposed her bottom at Hudson Yards, near Rockefeller Center, and in Dumbo. Fields, reportedly, started posting photographs exposing her rear a year ago all for fun, but soon she became a rage and since then has been tagged by her followers as "Butt Model."