Valentine's Week 2021: The Rose Day, Why Red Roses and How Many Should You Give to Lover?

Valentine's Week 2021: Significance Of Rose Day, Why We Celebrate It On February 7

Donald Trump returns to social media

Donald Trump returns to social media

It's Valentine's Week and lovebirds are ready to embrace their partners in the most amazing ways. A smile automatically comes on the faces of those who are in love and wish to express their feelings to their near and dear ones. All thanks to Valentine's week, which allows one to specially celebrate love. From Rose Day to Valentine's Day, the celebration of love starts a week before the final day i.e. the Valentine's Day.

Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day, all the days starting from February 7th to February 14th have their own significance. The whole Valentine's week is filled with activities for lovebirds, who are seen exchanging gifts and wishes.

Significance Of Rose Day

Roses are said to be commonly associated with expressing gratitude, admiration, love and romance. Roses are also associated with secrecy or confidentiality. A red rose is meant to convey the deepest form of love or true love. Giving a red rose to someone means having the passion and the ability to sacrifice.

Happy Rose Day 2021
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Rose Day 2021: Why We celebrate Rose Day on February 7?

Every year, celebrations for Valentine festivities begin with the Rose Day on February 7th, the first day of the love week. Couples and lovebirds exchange beautiful roses to express their love in the purest form. This Day heralds the week ahead filled with gifts and romance.

How Many Roses Should you Give to Your Partner?

If you give three roses to your partner, it means "I love you." While handing over six roses will express your infatuation or that you simply you want to be his/her. On the other hand, giving nine roses, which is a big jump up from six, symbolizes eternal love or saying "I want to be with you forever." And if you want to tell your partner that he/she is perfect then go for 10 roses, which means "You are perfection."

Full schedule for Valentine's Week 2021:

February 7th - Rose Day
February 8th - Propose Day
February 9th - Chocolate Day
February 10th - Teddy Day
February 11th - Promise Day
February 12th - Hug Day
February 13th - Kiss Day
February 14th - Valentine Day