US Navy Veteran Says Pentagon has Not Released the Complete UFO Footage

As Pentagon officially released UFO videos, several conspiracy theorists have started claiming that alien disclosure is imminent

It was in 2017 that To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences released multiple UFO videos that showed a mysterious flying craft screeching across the skies in breathtaking speed. The video was captured using infrared cameras onboard American military jets, and it made many believe that something sinister is going on in the skies.

As rumors surrounding UFOs heated up, Pentagon officially released these videos a few weeks back and claimed that 'unidentified aerial phenomenon' is a real deal.

Did Pentagon Release Complete UFO Footage?

Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences

Now, Kevin Day, a US Navy veteran who initially spotted the strange object has claimed that the footage released by Pentagon is actually short, and the original video could be much longer. Day made these remarks while talking to Brain Hanley on his YouTube channel.

"As soon as I give the flight the order to intercept the vector, they'll say words to the effect of 'flights on, tapes on. This means they turn on all the recording devices right from the very beginning. In other words, you don't wait for something fun to happen for you to turn your recorder on because you're going to miss it. So there has to be a longer video, there has to be," said Day.

Kevin Day is not the only Navy official who claimed Pentagon's alleged coverup in the tic-tac UFO incident. A few months back, Petty Officer Jason Turner had claimed to have seen a video that showed this flying object having bizarre legs. Some Navy officers believe that Pentagon has actually released a blurred video of the incident, and the clear clip is kept under the wraps.

Alien Disclosure Near?

The unexpected release of UFO videos by Pentagon has shocked many and several conspiracy theorists believe that this is the first step of alien disclosure. According to these conspiracy theorists, alien disclosure is not a sudden procedure, and it is basically a gradual process.

However, in their statement, Pentagon did not talk anything about aliens, and the defense department made it clear that these flying objects are actually 'unidentified'.