Mystery UFO lights appear again in US, Las Vegas sighting sparks alien debate

The bizarre UFO sighting in Las Vegas has made several people believe that alien existence is a reality

UFO Las Vegas
Alleged UFO lights in Las Vegas YouTube: The Hidden Underbelly

In 2020, there has been a massive spike in UFO sightings in the US, and over the past few months, several mysterious flying lights have been spotted in different parts of the country. The recent addition to the list is an alleged UFO sighting in Las Vegas. A video uploaded to YouTube by the conspiracy theory channel 'The Hidden Underbelly 2.0' shows bizarre flying objects streaking across the skies in the most mysterious manner.

Mysterious UFO that appeared in Las Vegas

The UFOs spotted in the skies of Las Vegas hovered in a diamond formation, illuminating their bodies. The collection of orbs then appears to fly next to each other, before vanishing in the skies.

In the same video, the uploader added footage of another alleged UFO sighting in Richmond, Virginia. This sighting happened in broad daylight, showing bright orbs traveling across the skies in a bizarre formation.

As the video uploaded by The Hidden Underbelly went viral, viewers also shared their theories to explain the bizarre UFO sightings. Most of the viewers said that the flying objects could most probably be alien vessels from deep space. According to the alien enthusiasts, advanced extraterrestrials have been visiting the earth for hundreds of thousands of years to monitor human activities.

"That there is an extremely high possibility that we are actually being visited by non-human lifeforms. Now non-believers let that set in," commented Terry's Theories, a YouTube user.

"That diamond shape was cool how it spun around," commented Curtis Hill, another YouTuber.

However, some other users suggested that US President Donald Trump's proposed space force may already be operational in space, conducting routine patrolling of the skies.

Is alien disclosure imminent?

A section of conspiracy theorists believes that the US government is gearing up for an alien disclosure. Rumors regarding alien disclosure swirled after the Pentagon officially released three UFO videos that showed a bizarre flying craft screeching across the skies at mindblowing speed.

Conspiracy theorists believe that alien disclosure is a gradual procedure, arguing that the release of the videos is the first step aimed at informing the public about the existence of flying saucers.

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