Mysterious Object Spotted during Spanish TV Program, Alien Hunter Claims it as Irrefutable Proof of ET

Even though the television channel has clarified that the flying object is a seagull, Waring believes that it is an alien spaceship

Scott C Waring, a self-proclaimed UFO hunter who currently operates from Taiwan, believes that aliens are visiting the Earth to monitor human efforts to contain the coronavirus. The conspiracy theorist has claimed that aliens are working together with the Pope and the Vatican to find a coronavirus cure.

UFO in Rome Sparks Debate

In his recent website post, Waring analyzed video footage from the Spanish news channel Telecinco. In the video, recorded in Rome, a blue UFO-like object can be seen hovering in the skies, as the reporter narrates events in the country.

UFO Italy

Even though the UFO theory was dismissed by Telecinco as a seagull, Waring asserted that the mysterious flying object in the skies could most probably be an alien spaceship from deep space.

"The fact that the UFO is so close to the camera, giving us a great view of the UFOs shape, speed, the direction is absolute proof that aliens are highly interested in Rome, watching over them during the Pandemic. I wonder, was the UFO coming from Vatican City? It is its own country and the Pope has American astronomers working in Astrobiology," wrote Waring on his website ET Data Base.

Waring's Shocking Claims on Alien Life

This is not the first time that Waring is making bizarre comments on alien life. In a career that spans over a decade, Waring claims to have discovered several anomalies on NASA images taken from Mars and the moon. Whenever Waring discovers something strange on Mars and the moon, he used to outlandishly argue that aliens might be living in these distant worlds.

A few months back, the alien hunter discovered a thighbone-like structure on Mars, and he concluded that it could be proof of extraterrestrial life on Mars. The UFO hunter even urged US President Donald Trump to make him the head of NASA. However, space experts have continuously dismissed the discoveries of Waring calling it classic cases of pareidolia.

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