US defense department apologizes for threatening Area 51 invaders 

Area 51
Deleted tweet made by DVIDS Twitter

It was on September 20, 2019, that 150 people reached the front gate of Area 51, a secretive military base in Nevada to take part in a raid intended to expose alien presence. Even though more than two million people had expressed their interest to take part in the raid, only 150 people attended the event, following a tweet from one of the US military unit that threatened to use stealth bombers against the millennials who trespass into the secretive site.

The tweet was made by the Defense Visual Information Distribution Service (DVIDS) last Friday.

Conspiracy theorists believe that the tweet was made to scare people who planned to storm the US military base that has been long rumoured believed to be the storehouse of extraterrestrial life and spacecraft.

However, on Saturday, DVIDS deleted the tweet and apologized for the mistake. The new tweet revealed that the post was written by an employee in DVIDS and it is not reflecting the stance of the Department of Defense.

As per reports, five people were arrested during the raid. Lincoln County Sheriff revealed that three people were arrested after they tried to trespass into the secretive base. One person was arrested for indecent exposure, while the fifth person was nabbed for behaving violently after alcohol consumption.

Area 51 is a military base in Nevada, and this area has been shrouded with mysteries for years. Conspiracy theorists claim that UFO sightings are very common in the skies above Nevada, and they claim that aliens are aiding the US Air Force to build spacecraft using reverse engineering technology.

In 2016, a conspiracy theory YouTube channel named the Third Phase of Moon had released an image that showed a triangular UFO hovering above the skies of Nevada. Interestingly, this triangular UFO appeared to be on fire and even had smoke emanating from it.