UFO carrying trucks near Area 51 captured in video, triggers alien debate

YouTube Screenshot: Third Phase of Moon

The video of a flying saucer being transported in a truck is now a trending debating point among extraterrestrial believers and UFO buffs.

The eerie clip was apparently shot on a motorway in Nevada which is very near to Area 51, the alleged secret military base in the United States. The witness, who captured the sighting claims that he initially spotted the bizarre object on intersection 15, a road that leads to the already notorious Homey airport and the Groom lake which is dubbed as Area 51 among conspiracy theorists. The incident happened in broad daylight and the UFO vehicle was seen escorted by a security car.

The clip which was originally uploaded to YouTube by 'M battle' gained immense popularity in the online space after it was shared by conspiracy theory channel 'Third Phase of Moon'. In the video description, the conspiracy theory channel sarcastically wrote, "NASA: Never A Straight Answer''.

The strange video has already gone viral, racking up more than 24,000 views on YouTube. After seeing the footage, viewers quickly started putting forward various theories explaining the bizarre incident. Most of them argued that the object which was seen transported might be a prop for Hollywood movies.

"As if they would let such a thing be seen. and it was UFO day yesterday!!!," commented Hazel Blair.

"Movie prop being transported, seen the exact same thing in real life during the filming of a local Sci-fi film festival," commented Del Z Slayer, another YouTuber.

Even though sceptics have rubbished the alien angle, conspiracy theorists strongly believe that the object spotted might have come from outer space. As per these theorists, American military with the help of some leading scientists have been conducting experiments on alien technology for many years in Area 51.

Various UFO sightings were reported in and around Area 51 over the past few years, and conspiracy theorists consider these sightings as a solid evidence of extraterrestrial existence.

This article was first published on July 5, 2018