Gathered for fun? 2 million people failed to gatecrash at Area 51

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It was around a few months ago that Matty Roberts, a California resident opened an event page named 'Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop us All'. The page asked people to raid Area 51 on September 20 so that all government secrets about alien existence can be made public. The Facebook page soon went viral and more than two million people expressed their interest to take part in the alien raid. However, on Friday, only 150 people turned up, and thus the plan to raid the most secretive military base in the United States became a joke.

As per a report published in Reuters, five people who attempted to raid Area 51 were detained by the police. Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee revealed that three people were arrested after they allegedly tried to trespass despite strong warnings from the authorities. One person was nabbed for indecent exposure after he urinated near the entrance gate of the base. The fifth one was arrested for behaving violently after consuming alcohol.

It should be noted that the US Air Force had issued a strong warning to people against participating in the internet joke. The USAF had warned that any illegal entry in the secretive military base will be highly discouraged.

Sergeant Orlando Guerra, of the Nevada Department of Public Safety Investigation Division, revealed that most of the people reached the secretive military base just for fun.

"They're just here to see what's going on. They're here to have fun," said Guerra.

Area 51 has been shrouded with mysteries for years, and many people believe that the United States Air Force is conducting several tests using alien technology in this site. Some people even argue that the dead remains of aliens after the 1947 Rosewell crash are safely kept here.

Adding up the fire to these theories, YouTube is loaded with several videos that show unidentified flying objects (UFO) hovering in the skies above this military base.

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