The Undertaker brought out the best in AJ (Styles): Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff, former general manager of WWE's Raw brand, has showered praises on WWE for coming up with innovative match in the form of The Undertaker vs AJ Styles in Boneyard at WrestleMania 36, recently. He says that the company's took a risk which paid off in the end.

Eric Bischoff
Eric Bischoff. WWE

According to him, the storytelling was at a different level and praised both AJ Styles and The Undertaker for their top performance in the Boneyard match. In fact, Eric Bischoff praises The Phenomenal One more than the Taker and says that Styles is turning out to be an interesting character in the sports entertainment.

"He is really really expanding as a performer. I worked with AJ a lot when I first got to TNA, and he saw his character through the eye of a needle, that's how narrow he saw his character and Hulk [Hogan] and I pushed him to expand the way that he looked at his character and try to do new things. He's embraced it, he's expanded it. He was so good in this, and obviously so was Undertaker, but Undertaker is Undertaker, everybody expects him to put on a great performance, but I think the story is AJ Styles. If this was a movie, he should win an Academy Award for a supporting cast member," WWE Inc quoted him as saying in his 83 Weeks podcast.

The 64-year old adds that AJ Styles brought the best out of The Undertaker. "I think AJ delivered a performance that made Undertaker look even more believable than he already is. I think Undertaker brought out the best in AJ. What we saw here was great storytelling. This was a huge 'different than' moment for WWE," Bischoff claims.

Talking about the rumours of The Undertaker's retirement, he said that the latest version of the Deadman opens up door for interesting stories which do not demand him to perform like he used to do in his prime years. Eric Bischoff welcomes the Phenom's decision if he wants to quit on a high note, but at the same time thinks that he can also help elevate AJ Styles to move forward in his career.

Talking about Taker vs Sting clash in the same format, Bischoff claims, " He raised his stock to such a degree that there's more stuck in AJ Styles than there's ever been. I just think it opens up a whole new world. I think there's a great opportunity there, if Sting and Undertaker want to figure it out, I think it's a possibility. It would be insane not to."

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