The Uncanny Counter finale, Mr Queen get record viewership; Homemade Love Story remains most-watched show of Sunday nights

The finale of The Uncanny Counter has registered a record viewership. The last episode of the first season was aired on Sunday, 24 January, and got a fantastic response from the audience.

The Uncanny Counter
The Uncanny Counter. The Uncanny Counter Facebook

As per Nielsen Korea, the finale got an average nationwide rating of 11 percent. It is the highest for the show since it started airing in November 2020. The previous highest average nationwide rating was 9.92 percent for the episode aired on 17 January.

However, there is a possibility of the show coming back with season 2. Actress Kim Sejeong has given a hint at the possibility of The Uncanny Counter 2. "It's still difficult to give a precise answer about Season 2. However, if it becomes a reality, I think that all of the actors [from Season 1] will probably want to return for it. Because everyone in the cast and crew was really great, as long as we're able to keep going with this team, I think everyone will want to take part." she is quoted as saying by Soompi website.

The story of The Uncanny Counter revolves around four demon-hunters called Counters who has the responsibility of capturing evil spirits in pursuit of eternal life. The TV show is aired Saturday and Sunday at 22.30 KST. Also, the highest-rated OCN series is streamed globally on Netflix.

Yoon Sung-sik's Mr Queen, Homemade Story
Yoon Sung-sik's Mr Queen and Homemade Story. Facebook

Mr Queen Ratings:
Yoo Sung-sik's Mr Queen has set a new record by getting a nationwide average rating of 13.6 percent and a peak of 15.2 percent. It has also remained in the top place among the shows aired in the slot across the channels. It has scored an average of 7.6 percent among the demographic viewers of age group between people aged between 20 and 49.

Week on week, the viewership of Shin Hye-sun and Kim Jung-hyun-starrer series has been on the rise.

Homemade Love Story
A poster of the KBS2 drama Homemade Love Story. Instagram

Homemade Love Story
Hong Seok—ku's Homemade Love Story continues to be the most-watched TV show of Sunday nights. It has garnered an average nationwide rating of 29.9 percent and 32.5 percent.

It is a romantic drama starring Jin Ki-joo and Lee Jang-woo.

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