'Unaccompanied' Joe Biden Trips on Air Force One's Steps Ahead of Jimmy Kimmel Show; Gets Roasted With Memes on Social Media

US President Joe Biden was trolled on social media after he tripped on the stairs of Air Force One while boarding the plane. The president, who was traveling without his wife Jill Biden, has not suffered any injuries.

The incident took place hours before Biden was to appear for a recorded interview with ABC host Jimmy Kimmel.

U.S. President Joe Biden Twitter

Biden Declined to Answers Questions From The Press

Reportedly, prior to boarding the plane, Biden declined taking questions from the reporters who were present at the runway. Marca reported that initially, the U.S President's fall tripping went unnoticed, in part because footage from unfiltered pool feeds was not immediately broadcast by TV outlets like C-SPAN.

Earlier, issuing a statement shortly before his resignation in response to the recall of far-left San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin on Tuesday night, Biden said, "I think the voters sent a clear message last night. Both parties have to step up and do something about crime, as well as gun violence."

It isn't the first time when Biden stumbled while climbing the stairs of Air Force One. Last month, while travelling to Illinois, Biden appeared to loose his balance while climbing the steps of the plane. In March 2021, Biden, who is constantly under radar over his mental and physical health, repeatedly tripped on the steps. Later, White House blamed the windy weather for the Biden's stumbling.

Social Media Roasts Biden

The social media did not take kindly to Biden's physical discomfort kindly and roasted the U.S. President through a series of memes.

"See you next fall," wrote a user as another added, "The Air Force One stairs are UNDEFEATED against Joe Biden Watch as he takes another trip down the stairs."

"OMG Biden tripped walking upstairs? What a doof! No one ever trips. Not me, not you, and certainly not a Republican president. Again I say, what a doof," expressed a user.

"Same thing has happened in 2022, Biden trips again on steps of Air Force One after threatening President Vladimir Putin few days ago. Joe Biden has appeared to be lifeless and clueless on several occasions, " opined a user.

"Biden trips up Air Force One stairs again ahead of Jimmy Kimmel interview; Unfit to finish his presidency! Out!" read a tweet.