Who is Theodore Ellis? Black Man Who Shoved Woman Onto Bronx Subway Track, Arrested; Identified as a History Sheeter

Theodore Ellis, a 31-year-old history sheeter, has been identified as the black man who randomly pushed a woman onto subway tracks at the Jackson Avenue station in Melrose on Sunday. Ellis' act was caught on camera, which was subsequently released by the authorities seeking public help for his identification.

Ellis was arrested on Tuesday after he was recognised by an MTA worker from a poster seeking his identification. He was charged with assault and reckless endangerment.

Theodore Ellis
Theodore Ellis Twitter

Ellis Claims Victim Pissed Him Off

In the video which was released by the authorities, Ellis is seen grabbing the victim, identified as 52-year-old, by her shoulder and forcibly shoving her off the platform onto the railway tracks. The woman's body is seen skidding over the edge of the platform, headfirst. Ellis is then seen walking off.

Speaking to New York Post, MTA spokesman said that the incident took place at the Jackson Avenue station in Melrose around 4:45 p.m. on Sunday. The victim, who was pulled off the track by passerbys, sustained cuts on her head and arm. She was taken to Lincoln Hospital for treatment.

The outlet reported that Ellis was recognised by an MTA worker who revealed that the alleged attacker was a regular illegal swipe seller at the station.

During his questioning, Ellis claimed that though he didn't remember what the victim said to piss him off, he didn't show his own strength.

Ellis Gets Rapped on Social Media

The outlet further reported that the since 2006 the 31-year-old has been arrested multiple times for charges pertaining to aggravated harassment, narcotics, robbery, grand larceny, animal abuse, resisting arrest, obstruction and assault.

After his identity was revealed by the authorities, Ellis faced a lot of flak on social media. "This is Theodore Ellis. He is a 30-year-old African-American male from the Bronx NY who picked up a 52-year-old woman and threw her on the subway tracks in an unconscionable violent attack. The local press doesn't want to show his face. Why I wonder?" wrote a Twitter user.

"#TheodoreEllis 31, has numerous past arrests since 2006, aggravated harassment, narcotics, robbery, grand larceny, animal abuse & assault. Shoved a 53 woman onto the tracks. He can't be rehabilitated. Time to warehouse this MF," wrote another.

"Suspect arrested after woman , 52, pushed onto train tracks in attack at Bronx, New York subway This is nothing but an evil and vile act by an uncivilized hood rat," read another tweet.