UFO With 'Whoosh Sound' Spotted in North West England, Witness Clueless

After rising from a ball of light, this orb-like UFO soon turned red, and disappeared quickly in the skies

UFO Saddleworth
UFO image captured by Jones ET Data Base

Birdwatcher Alan Jones recently saw a bright glowing UFO in the skies of Saddleworth moor in North West England. According to Jones, the UFO incident happened in the early morning hours, and later at around 05.30 AM he heard 'whoosh sound' followed by a blazing light in his rearview mirror.

More Details About this UFO Sighting

As Jones witnessed the blazing light, he turned around and was shocked to see an orb rising from a ball of light. The orb soon turned red and disappeared in the skies very quickly.

"The sound it made was like what you often hear when an aircraft has just landed, but it was really loud. I know it sounds incredible, but this is what I saw. I've seen some strange things on Saddleworth moor but I've never seen anything like this. It was amazing," said Jones, The Oldham Times reports.

Luckily, even in those moments of excitement and scare, Jones managed to take out his camera, and he clicked the photographs of the bizarre orb-like UFO.

After witnessing the mysterious event, Jones hinted that the presence of alien life could be a possibility. Jones has now urged everyone to report to authorities if they witnessed a similar sighting on July 12.

UFO Hunter's View on Saddleworth Sighting

Prominent UFO hunter Scott C Waring quickly checked the images taken by Jones, and he concluded that this sighting is a clear proof of alien existence. He also added that the United Kingdom is slowly emerging as a hotbed of alien activities.

"It is a perfect orb and was seen shooting across the sky at 5:30 AM. The object seemed to make a whooshing sound as it passed which would mean its mostly silent except for the gusts of wind passing around it as it speeds up. Lots of alien activity in the UK this week. I looks like something big is about to happen over there, so if you are in that area, keep an eye out. The most common time of the day to catch a UFO is sunrise or sunset. Sounds odd, but true," wrote Waring on his website ET Data Base.